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... Thank you for responding I too get the tooth pain on upper right teeth how long does it take for tmj to heal and bad days when I have what I call flair ups. I am getting treatment with pt (3 replies)
... cranial nerves and irritate them. I have a lot of tingling in various areas of my head... temples, top of head, back of head, etc. I do also notice some irritating feelings in the top teeth on the side I have the most issues.... very frustrating indeed! ... (3 replies)
... These symptoms are actually on the TMJD diagnostic scale. If you look at the top of the TMJ board, there is a stick with a list of tmjd symptoms that are used to help make a diagnosis. If you scroll down, you will see them listed towards the bottom. ... (13 replies)

Is this tmj?
Apr 8, 2012
... one can experience many, if not all of the symptoms that you're experiencing. Do you have a "forward head position? ... (6 replies)
... headache near base of skull along with neck soreness just below, which I chalked up to a new firm pillow I bought. ... (9 replies)
... good gosh you have had yours for 5 weeks! My fear is that the numbness will be permanent and that just scares me to no end because I can't imagine going the rest of my life numb like this.... ... (9 replies)
Aug 26, 2009
... top of head...but when my right jaw started hurting, too, the pain has presented itself in the exact same way except opposite ear will have throbbing pain and then I have pain literally on top of my head on that side. ... (7 replies)
... felt like it would tear my hip off, many issues with that and typical hand symptoms, repetitive in nature tendonitis carpal tunnel ...Just saying to get an idea of problems since I have MANY.... ... (13 replies)
... yes I have that most of the time it seems. Does it feel like someone is pushing real hard on the top of your head? ... (12 replies)
... Oh my goodness girl! I feel for you so much. I'm sorry you had to go through that. I understand the desperation, the feeling of constantly racing through ideas and 'what if's". ... (7 replies)
... clenching for the last 15 years, and I have never really experienced serious or intense jaw pain just soreness, jaw clicking, and tight muscles. In the last two years I have developed this nerve racking dizziness. ... (2 replies)
... Hi, I'm 18 and have been having severe tmj symptoms since a wack on the head in November 2015 that also hurt my neck muscles badly too. ... (0 replies)
TMJ newsflash
Aug 26, 2010
... I get numbness in the left side of my face and lately have been getting burning on the top of my head at times. The numbness is as if I can draw a line straight down the top of my head which goes down to my check and over to my ear. ... (23 replies)
... n the joints, the disc has been displaced to some extent, or fully, and you are hitting bone on bone within the joint. The way that the dentist had you turn your head was just enough for your muscles to pull the disc out of place and cause this to happen. Are you still hearing this crunching? ... (4 replies)
... ok so We've been here about 3 weeks. So, a few days ago I started having this pain around my right eye socket. Then sharp pains in my right temple...then my right cheek bone...all at once... ... (2 replies)
... unfortunately if it is tmj the line between whether it is medical or dental becomes blurred. ... (6 replies)
... It affects my temples on both sides, but only one at a time, never both temples at the same time. It's the same with the nerve pain. It completely switches from one side to another. At first i thought I'd lost my mind but i know now it's definitely related to TMD. ... (7 replies)
... I have TMD and suffer with severe nerve pain and muscle spasms that leave my right arm paralysed. I get the pressure tingly feeling that affects the top of my head on the right hand side. I also get tingling in my scalp, particularly when im in bed trying to sleep. ... (7 replies)
Pain Medication
Feb 22, 2002
... tendons pressing on it from the tmj and he said yes. ... (30 replies)
... This all started last November after a dentist adjusted a filling. That changed my bite pushing my jaw back and up. A few weeks after I started getting lots of muscle pain that turned into full blown severe pain. MRI's of head and neck, CT scans, blood work all came back normal. ... (38 replies)

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