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... ion for the neck caused this madness, its just been downhill since and see no way back right think I will have to live like this for another day is just too much. I have been praying so hard, taking vitamins and I think I am just a mental mess now..... ... (7 replies)
... I am exasperated also. I go to a wonder neuromuscular dentist who made a splint for me two months ago, and there is a dramatic change in my bite and my face is now symetrical, BUT..............the payoff for me at least is that the symptoms have gotten worse. ... (16 replies)
... THANK YOU SO MUCH for your response. ... (5 replies)

... they are not keen to think of the neck before they rule anything else out. You couldwell have an inner ear problem. ... (24 replies)
... Hey Brent, I just noticed you are in am I! ... (28 replies)
... chronic neck problems for years, with associated dizziness and pain, recent visit to dentist with lots of pressure on jaw, funny ear symptoms and acute vertigo. ... (10 replies)
... r 3 weeks ago when I saw the ENT doctor. He assumed I had a very bad sinus infection that had matriculated into my ears and my lymphnodes causing bad headaches, ear pain, ear ringing, swollen and painful lymphnodes, neck pain etc... he put me on Augmentin for 10 days. ... (5 replies)
... after being in a car,hearing very loud noise or showering. Othewise I am noting that flourescent light, or any electrical 'buzz' can start a small hissing in my ears now, but that is minor and very bearable in comparison to that loud rumbling. ... (5 replies)
... my ear has been paining me terribly. Feels like I have fluid in it but the ENT said the ear was fine. ... (1 replies)
... Do you have clogged ears like fluid in there all the time? ... (16 replies)
... As far as ear fullness...I had that in my left ear for quite some time. ... (28 replies)
... I cannot even quickly dunk my head under water as the pain is too much to bear. ... (1 replies)
... Hiya hbep! I remember yours came from an ear problem too. How's your treatment progressing these days? ... (4 replies)
... and despite all the anatomical links between the ear and the tmj, he would not have it! So bollocks to him. ... (21 replies)
... b is inflammation based, not bacterial, a short course of oral steroids if the nose drops don't work, saline spray is used by some people. As a last resort, yes, ear tubes are a possibility, but it's always an idea to try other options first. ... (8 replies)
... First of all, thanks so much for responding! ... (9 replies)
... arted 3 weeks ago, I have been treated for a sinus infection my symptoms at the time were pressure on top of my head, my nose, behind my eye, my cheek, pressure in my ear, my actually aching at times and at others feeling like its draining. ... (2 replies)
... mine was something like a 4 deg. dip in my left hip, a 5 or 4 deg. dip in my shoulders and a 2 deg. slant in my jaw. ... (6 replies)
... daches, jaw clicking on the one side and lock jaw. This caused me a lot of discomfort as I had to keep my jaw closed to prevent it from misaligning. I didnt have too much of an issue with ear ache but I get a lot of eye strain which ties into tension headaches that I get. ... (4 replies)
... Hello, I am new here and would like to introduce myself. I am 15, and live in Boston, Massachusetts. I am aware that all of us here are suffering to some degree, and would greatly appreciate help from fellow sufferers. ... (11 replies)

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