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... This is a really difficult question. I understand that Tufts in Boston has a TMJ chronic pain clinic that is supposed to be very good, though I haven't been there myself. ... (5 replies)
... Well, what all have you tried so far? What works for one person may not work for another. And nothing is going to be 100% effective. Just like a medical surgery, think knee surgery--you get it and it may help a high percentage of patients but it still doesn't help EVERYONE. I tried botox and received 30% benefit from it. I had done acupuncture and got nothing from it,... (5 replies)
... th local doctors and dentists that claim they treat TMJ, but in reality they practice the one and only treatment they learned at some weekend course they took on TMJ not even taking into account the particular symptoms of their patient simply so they can rake in the cash. ... (5 replies)

... Hi. I cannot give you much advice regarding TMJ treatments, as I have just started down this long road of treatment vs. surgery, etc. You said that you live in Florida. ... (5 replies)
TMJ Help needed
Oct 14, 2008
... have you checked the sticky post entitled Great TMJ Doctors located at the top of the forum? ... (1 replies)
Tmj help
Aug 7, 2013
... school. It should be at a large teaching hospital. I'd go on their website and get their phone number, call and tell them that you want an appointment with their top TMJ doctor. It should be one of their professors who also has a day of private practice. ... (2 replies)
... h should be hitting on the splint at the same time....unless it's a nightguard that is supposed to help with clenching....those are usually making contact on the top front teeth, lower and upper, but the back molars are still in acrylic so they don't super errupt...and it's usually an upper splint. OK... ... (7 replies)
TMJ face change
Dec 26, 2009
... ump from Dr. Stack, but I wouldn't let him treat me. Please look at some of the red flags. Dr. Stack does not take any insurance. There are plenty of good, great TMj doctors out there who take insurance. ... (97 replies)
... s natural way of trying to find a resting place for the teeth, but all you do is end up hurting your joints and causing more problems. I would look on the Great tmj doctors thread at the top of this page and see if there is anyone close to you where you can get a consult. ... (1 replies)
... Thanks a lot for your response's reassuring to know I'm not just overreacting and that I have a valid complaint. I'm so sick of doctors who do this it makes my skin crawl. ... (8 replies)
... your lower jaw , or if it's a knot in the muscle that is making it appear like something is large and sticking out more than normal...What I can tell you is how tmj specialists will treat tmd. Usually an exam is done right off the bat.. ... (3 replies)
... Sadly living in California my whole life i got used to the customs and technology. Currently living in Louisiana I have seen 2 tmj doctors, mind you that they practice TMJ on the side. ... (5 replies)
... Hi everyone. I have checked the great tmj doctors thread at the top of the page and there are no good doctor recommendations in my area. ... (11 replies)
... Do you have a history of tmj in the family? ... (2 replies)
Tmj stage three
Aug 6, 2010
... I would bet that this is why your surgeries did not go as planned....but there is hope out there...and without having to have more surgery. I've had tmj for about 20yrs., and recently, over the course of about a year and a had gotten unbearable...partly due to an idiot dentist that I was seeing. ... (2 replies)
... rays and testing. You can look under the Great tmj doctors thread at the top of the tmj board page, and see if any are in your area. ... (8 replies)
... and I shouldn't have rushed it. The guard was made to let my TMJ recover as I clench heavily. It was only to be worn at night. At that point I had a good bite with no tooth hitting too much. ... (7 replies)
... o many other things less invasive you can do to correct your bite and jaw other than surgery. I have listed the associations that you can look into to find these tmj specialists in the thread at the top of this page called Great tmj doctors thread...look for my post. ... (1 replies)
... you are having...You definitely need to tell your parents what is going on. This jaw thing is nothing to sweep under the rug....YOu need to get checked out by a tmj specialist, not your orthodontist, unless he does neuromuscular tmj treatment with Functional Jaw ORthodontics. These are the guys in my opinion that are good. ... (1 replies)
... Check the great tmj doctors thread at the top of this page....I'm sure you can find a good tmj NM specialist in NY. ... (20 replies)

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