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Aug 12, 2005
Hi everyone - I have great news to share! I have felt funny for the past week or so and AF wasn't due until tomorrow night, but I couldn't stand the suspense and tested this morning. I woke up at 3 am when I needed to pee and took the CVS Early Test, and nothing happened. I was disappointed but not surprised since I had tested early. As I was going back to bed, I noticed an EXTREMELY faint line in the test section, but I could barely see it and thought it might not mean anything. So I went back to bed without waking my dh and then got up at 6:30 with him and took a Fact Plus One Step Test. In less than a minute the vertical line of the plus was darker than the horizontal!! Then I went to my gyno this morning and did another test - she said my tests were more sensitive than theirs since she didn't see anything, but told me to trust the tests. Then on the way out she ran out and told me a faint line had showed - HOORAY!! :bouncing: Sorry for the long story, but I am thrilled beyond words since this is our first pregnancy and I am a cancer survivor and had been told the chemo would render me infertile. Shows what they know! :p

I am outlining my symptoms below since I know everyone is always wondering what to look for (I certainly was!). Some of these may be TMI for the squeamish, but I know I wanted all the details I could get! Thanks to everyone for the advice and support, wishing baby dust to you all - keep your fingers crossed for me that everything goes well! :angel:

- 5-7 dpo - breast soreness and swelling (not noticeably larger), they felt hot and full. Normally I can feel a lot of definition inside my breasts but they were just big mushy blobs. Also muscle twitches all over my body started around this time.
- 8 dpo on - increased hunger and craving for protein, especially red meat (I don't normally like eggs, but made myself an omelet). I also started feeling very thick and hot in my pelvic area, had gas type pains, and had some random pain in the back of my waist.
- 9&10 dpo - noticed I was turning red and purple "down there."
- 10 dpo - had to go to the bathroom often, for both reasons.
- 11&12 dpo - STRONG AF cramps, so bad I actually had to stop and sit while I was walking around and carried a tampon and thought AF may be coming early (although she never does).
- creamy lotion-like cv on and off since o.
- very tired (sleeping like a baby) since 7 days dpo.
- lost a pound despite a ridiculous level of food consumption from 6-12 dpo.
Hope this helps!!

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