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Just ignore this ..... I really need to vent, but if your bored and feel you have any input plz do. thx.

What on earth is going on .... this is driving me nuts !!!!

I stopped BC so DH and I could try for a family. My periods have been regular 28, 27, 27, 25, and 27 days which I thought was pretty impressive considering 16 years on BC and I appear to have Ovulated every month CD 14, 14, 15, 15, and 15. I've suffered quite badly with PMS some months and had ALL the usual symptoms, My periods are fine, absolutley no complaints or anything out of the ordinary and around O I get ALL the symptoms possible, but nothing to suggest anything physically wrong other than I seem to be very sensative and am affected by all the symptoms.

My problem is .... on top of my seemingly perfect cycle I am plagued with other symptoms which are really affecting my life, such as anxiety, racing heart, shortness of breath, euphoria, dizzyness and really bad mood swings. I started charting everything and it deffinately links to my monthly cycle and in particular immediately before O. I never experienced anything like this while on BC and looking back, it appears I had the same problems as a teenager before the BC only milder. I've been attending a behavioural psychologist who thinks I've lost the plot and in need of medication, my Doctor said its deffinately hormonal and is stongly against medication and a GYNO said its deffinately hormonal but none of them have ever heard of anything like this and have no idea what is going on. I have to continue taking folic acid and start on evening primrose oil and vitamin B6 but that was all the GYNO could suggest. I'm pretty doubtful this will help but am giving it a try and at least it may help with some of the normal symptoms usually linked to cycles.

I'm really having a hard time coping and feel so alone and months of internet searches have revealed nothing. I initially thought it was the result of stopping BC but every month seems to get worse and now I'm worying it will affect my ability to physically have or emotionally cope with having a family.

Charting has helped as I know what to expect in advance however this month has gone totally haywire. I'm curently on CD 20 and despite 2 peaks in my charts ( symptoms no temps ) I still feel I have n't O'd. The peaks were not as high as usual, I still have symptoms that should have gone away including cramps/discomfort, high libido and the anxiety feeling have been here for over a week and usually only last 3 - 4 days. There has also been an absence of blood on TP which I usuall experience about CD 16 -17.

I was already confused but now its even worse !
.... what is going on and how can I predic AF if I don't know when I O'd ? Is it normal to occasionally not O and AF to arrive as it should have ?

p.s. I tested to rule out PG from the previous month on cycle day 19 of this month which was neg as last months AF was not much more than spotting and wondered if maybe I had concieved and AF was n't really AF.

Has anyone any ideas what is going on ... particularly this month ?
Any info or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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