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Opinions needed!!
Jul 17, 2006
hi ladies
ive not posted on here for a while although i have been reading all your threads.
i just need some advice really, ive skipped my period for the first time ever. The thing is, i think the chances of me being pregnant are very slim. ive not been BD'ing much lately (decided to relax on it) and only had sex twice last month. AF came along at its normal time and was fairly normal from what i can remember. Ive not had sex atall since then, my other half has been working away and then i went on a much needed holiday! But now my period this month hasnt turned up atall. I would put it down to just being a few days late but ive also had no PMS symptoms atall which i always get every month for at least a week before my period. i usually get very bad breast pain, but theres been nothing. my body just feels like it does the rest of the month, like it doesnt want to have a period atall! ive never experienced this in the whole past 13 years ive been having periods.
i did wonder if it could be caused ny the medication im curently taking, although nothing like this is listed on the side effects.
i dont have any pregnancy symptoms, although i do have a funny taste in my mouth but i think this is being caused by the medication.i also have had a lot of white discharge which is strong smelling, although it doesnt smell bad.
i cant understand why this has happened although i also dont think i can be pregnant due to the fact my period arrived last month. i know its possible to have periods when pregnant but this one wasnt lighter than normal or anything, it was a standard period.
i know the obvious thing would be to do a test but i cant handle a BFN, im sure this is something a lot of you can relate to. i dont want to get my hopes up for nothing.
any ideas anyone??

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