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hi ladies
i dont know if i ovulated this month.
I was sure i had or was about to on friday (CD19) as i had tender boobs and some EWCM.I checked my cervix which was soft.So I did my OPK which was positive.
The site i use suggested i may of ovulated on CD20, but would have to wait for a temp rise to confirm it. Anyway, im now CD22 and no temp rise, my temps are still very low like pre-O. I know it can take a couple of days for temp to rise, so i messed about entering some higher temps for the next 3 days to see how it would alter my chart, and when i did it put my ovulation day at CD22, which is today. So basically even if my temp does rise and stay high for the next 3 days, it will still only put my ovulation day at today, which i really dont think it is. My CM (which i really think is a good indicator for me) has now dried right up. I only had that one lot of EWCM on friday and the following day it was a bit watery, but that was it. Im going to do another OPK today to see if it picks up an LH surge but i really dont think it will. I dont "feel" like im fertile right now.
I feel like im going crazy, ive always been told and believed that charting temps is a really good and accurate method, but this month it seems totally out of sync with my other fertility signs and what i believed instinctively. Whenever i feel like im ovulating my OPK is positive so i know i must be following my other fertility signs correctly.
i just wanted some other opinions as im now worried i didnt ovulate. I know its possible to have EWCM and a positive OPK but not ovulate, and i really hope that hasnt happened.
Could it be possible that i did ovulate on saturday but my temp hasnt risen yet? From my experience of charting they seem to mark your ovulation day as the first day your temp rises. But surely its possible to ovulate and then your temp to rise for the first time a couple of days later?
i promised myself i wouldnt over analyse this month and look so deeply into everything, but i really feel instinctively that either friday or saturday was my ovulation day, but from the look of it its either going to be marked as being later or not detected atall.
Can temps be inaccurate?
sorry to go on ladies, but im so confused!

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