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in just wondered how many of you actually trust the ovulation day detected on your chart? (for those of you using a site to chart temps)
Im really confused. On friday (CD19) i had EWCM and a positive OPK as well as my cervix being soft. My boobs were tender and i had some ovulation pain. I really felt instinctively i was ovulating or about to ovulate. I had a feeling i probably ovulated the following day (CD20) as my CM was watery then, but since then its dried right up.
Anyway, my temps have only just started to rise today, so ive been experimenting entering data for the next few days to see when my ovulation day was. Basically, if my temps stay high for the 3 days, it will detect my ovulation day as being yesterday (CD22). Im almost 100% sure i didnt ovulate yesterday, my CM is totally not fertile and my OPK's have been negative.
If my temp had been higher today, or started to rise yesterday, it would of detected my ovulation day as being CD19 (the day i got the positive OPK). So what happened to the two days inbetween? it seems to have skipped from my ovulation day being CD19 to CD22 on the basis of one day's temperature entry. If my temp has started to rise today instead of yesterday, why hasnt it moved the ovulation day from CD19 to CD20, which would be much more accurate than CD22?
Im sorry but i really dont think there is anyway i ovulated yesterday. I know these sites are supposed to be specially trained and tuned to make accurate predictions, but can they be trusted? I think your instincts have to come in to a certain extent and i really dont see how they could detect my ovulation day as being what it looks like they will based on the data ive entered. They've missed two days out completely.
Has anyone else experienced anything like this charting on a site? Or been given an ovulation day they knew couldnt be accurate?

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