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Hello everyone~
I have been trying to chart my cervical position but I'm having a hard time figureing out what is high and what is low. I wonder if maybe my uterus is tilted or something. It doesn't ever seem to move high or low it's just sometimes it is longer and sometimes it is shorter? I hope this isn't to confusing. when I'm oing it is short and all I feel is the cervix opening, then it will slowly start to get longer, making it harder for me to reach the cervix opening. Does this make sence to anyone? is this normal or could my uterus be tilted?? Thanks so much
What you are describing is actually just the opposite of what you should be feeling. When you are not ovulating, your cervix should be low and easy to reach and it should feel like the tip of your nose. When you are ovulating, it should be high and hard to reach and should feel soft like lips.

Hope this helps.

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