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Well...more waiting
Oct 17, 2006
I went in today and they didn't do an ultrasound. The doctor said that my symptoms sound really good for pregnancy but she wants me to wait until friday to test. Then if it's neg. they are starting me on progesterone and another round of clomid. She said the'll do an ultrasound at that time. She did an exam though and said my cervix was really far back, high. WHat does that mean? She made it sound like that was a good sign.
That is a very good sign if your cervix is far back...that means it is high. When you are going to start your AF it would be low and hard.
I am so excited that your Dr. believes you too be pregnant! I just don't understand why they couldn't do a test today!!! I was anxious to find out if you are as I'm sure you are too:)
Keep me posted!

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