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I thought I ovulated 8 days ago because I had headaches, alot of Egg white CM, cervix was low soft and open and temp dipped down to 96.4 then up to 97.7. Now yesterday my temp dipped to 96.4 I have headaches and heartburn, EXTREMELY sore nipples and my temp went up to 98.7 today. I can't figure out if I ovulated 8 days ago or if I am now.
I also have very mild little cramps in lower abdomen today and my cervix is very high(I can barely reach it) and it's soft. :confused:
Well I think your cervix is suppossed to be high and soft when you O. Two temp dips seems strange though...unless you concieved and you had an implantation dip?? I would wait like 4 days and take a test!:) Cause your symptoms look good! How is your CM right now?

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