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Hi girls, another day closer to THE day. I had a rough night. Fell asleep better, but then had bad dreams, about a ghost taking elastic out of my hair and brushing through it, as I was trying to get away. Talk about a weird dream. It could have been DH, b/c he loves running his finger through my hair, though I hate it. Anywho, I woke up all freaked out, around 5am, Dh was already up, reading the news on the computer. I'm gonna have a talk w/ hiiim. :p

Cervix is still high, CM creamy, and this morning I had some blood when I blew my nose. Not a nose bleed. This could be just the dry air, or maybe I'm getting a cold. Constipation went away, so I'm happy. Temp dipped down. For those of you who temp, what thermometers do you use. I took my temp this morning and it was 35.8 C, I though that was low, so I took it again immediatly, and now it was 36.1 C. I'm questioning the quality of my thermometer.

Have to go get a flu shot, so late this year. I hate getting the needle. Talk to you soon. :jester:
Hi guys, you must be very busy this weekend. Usually if I don't check the site during the day, I have 8-10 posting to read and so far nothing.

Well my temps are staying the same, I'm glad I got that figured out, and my cervix is going down, from high to mid position, I guess AF is coming.
I was painting the inside of my cabinets yesterday, and I think the fumes made me a little crazy b/c afterwards, DH and I were watching a program where people do stupid things and get hurt (like stunts), and everytime someone got hurt for some reason I could barly hold the tears back. Even when DH was trying to kill couple flys I had to look away.

This was the only unusal thing that happend this weekend for me, b/c I never get emotional from watching that show, usually I laugh, and DH is always attacking insects in our house.

But then aside from the paint exposure it could have been the cold exposure. I drove to pick up some carpet at the store and noticed that a police car was following me. Couldn't imagine what he wanted. In the parking lot, he asked, "mam, do you have new stickers for your insurance?", I was really annoyed by that as I new I had another 4mo of good insurance, and harshely replied "my insurance is good 'til december". He looked at me conserned, and said " is december". Needless to say it expired the day before, I had to leave my parked car where it was and walk 6 blocks to the nearest insurance place (in what felt like -20C temp), only wearing my thin sweatshirt (he couldn't offer me a ride, as he said he was transporting a prisoner, but luckly a girl at the insurance place was nice enough to give me a ride back to my car. Then I had to drive home w/ the trunk and window opend b/c the roll of carpet was like 30 ft long (ok, 16 ft:p )....what a day.

How is everyone else, hopefully having a better day than myself.
Let's hear about lots of signs and symptomes and BFPs!!! :blob_fire :blob_fire

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