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Cervix position???
Dec 12, 2006

I've been checking my cervix position for the last 4days. I'm really confused b/c first 2days it was low, and the last 2days it's been really high. I definitly feel it, but it's HIGH. I've been checking at the same time (am and pm) and it's the same.

I'm on CD 22 (8-9dpo), the cervix is supposed to be in it's low position. The CM is creamy (as expected), BBT unknow b/c I only started charting after ovulation (sorry girls we just decided to TTC).

For those who check their cervix position, what is your experience? Should I even bother w/ this?

Thank you girls:D
Kiedy- I have decided to only check my cervix before O to help determine when I O, because I have the same experience with it after O and it is really of no help. Once mine was really high and then an hour or so later AF came. They say it is suppossed to eventually return to high in pregnancy, but the timing of this happening is really different for everyone and I've read you can't use your cervix position as an indicator of pregnancy.
Good luck!
thanks girls, at least I won't think I'm crazy w/ what I'm feeling. I kept doubting my self. Megs I read the same too, but was checking to get used to the low position, so when it's high, I'll know what it means. But right now, it's all been high. I'll see what it's like next month.

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