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Could I be - maybe?
Apr 18, 2007
I know what symptoms of pregnancy are, but I'm having some weird stuff going on.

So here goes:

April 15th: I just had my "period". It was 3 days and normally 7 and VERY HEAVY, dark red, and full of clots. This one was very bright red, no clots and as I said only 3 days. Also, I usually have terrible cramps, like laid up in the bed for the first day cramps, but only slight cramping this time. I'm still having some pressure in my lower abdomen and I was extremely hungry this morning. I also have a headache. My hubby and I had sex 2 times 12-15 days ago, so it's likely we had sex around my ovulation time. I quit taking BC about 4-5 months ago and all my other periods since that time have been ok, nothing out of the ordinary. I took a pregnancy test today and it's negative. I stopped having my "period" today. No breast tenderness, I have the opposite of tiredness, I'm able to stay up late and get up early which is not like me, I felt nauseated yesterday when my husband had oatmeal. I know these symptoms are not a definite pregnancy positive situation, but I was wondering if anyone had a light period and was still pregnant or could offer any advice?

Updated April 16 - I had watery light brown discharge at the end of the day today. I've felt kind of weird all day. My tummy feels kind of tight and I've had twinges on and off all day. I took another pregnancy test this morning (april 17) and it's negative. Called the doctor and told her my symptoms, she said that since I've had two negatives and my period is within the normal time frame, then I'm probably having just a funky period. I'm 29 yo and I've never had this before. When I've experienced changes it's due to the pill and it gets dark brown and very very light. Almost non existent.

Updated April 17 - Only slight pink bleeding today, like smaller than a quarter all in all. I've had a headache off and on today (could be pollen related), cramping and twinges in my abdomen....some painful than others.

So any ideas ladies? Sorry for the long post. :wave:

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