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Hey Lindsay:wave:

It's always fun who is almost on the same 'day-to-day' journey as you.

So far the only I have had is drying up really quickly, right after o which in the past my cm has stayed wet at least a few days after O. Plus my cervix dropped immediately too, which again, it has stayed high a few days after O in the past. Yesterday and today I have been extremely bloated, which is not cool b/c I have gained weight since the wedding and my clothes barely fit already :rolleyes: lol So having a bloated belly is not cool.

I'm going to *try* to stay cool, calm and collective. Like I said I'm not really "feeling" it this month, but I think it is because I got so discouraged and tired since I O'd so late. I have to go to the gyn next Tuesday, and i don't know if I should ask for a blood test or just wait. I don't want it to be neg b/c it is too early and get discouraged. We'll see how I feel I guess...

How is everyone else?


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