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Belle, I guess the reason it threw me when the dr said that is because I have the book 'TCYF' and think everyone should read it! Thanks for reccomending it should be mandatory for anyone ttc. I think this is something my dr and I will disagree on. I agree with you about the biology of the human body. I'm glad you answered Belle, you reinforced what I thought was right to begin with.

I didn't think I ovulated. the one month I did get two bold lines on the opk I had TERRIBLE pms symptoms before af came to visit-- mood swings, cramps, could and did cry over nothing for almost a week. My hormones were going crazy ( my DH thought I was too!)
These last two months I've had no symptoms whatever (like I'm used to!!). Aside from pain almost every day off and on in the vicinity of my right ovary. I've had that for over a year since I had my hsg done. I've told two drs about that and they don't have an answer/response for me.

Oh, I bbt for a year and a half until last August when I got SICK of never having had a temp spike. Then, after I got a positive opk I decided to start temping the following month to verify if I had ovulated or not. I'm having a hard time getting back into it on a regular basis so it's accurate, but I've shown no temp spike at all. So, this month I'm going to take 150mg of clomid instead of the 100mg I've been on. I HOPE and PRAY it works! I'm also upping my metformin from 1000mg to 1500 mg per day.

I love this board, it doesn't matter what the question, one of us has input about it! Thanks again and I'm so happy for you! I'm glad you're sticking around to help the rest of us out!


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