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thanks for the reply Khandii. but usually when I am about to get my period, I don't feel abdominal pain but instead, i get back aches (lower back pains)
[QUOTE=Khandii;4217561]I get back pain too, it's more like a pressure type thing and a pain from the front to the back. I have always had those pains, I don't know if that is due to pcos or if everyone experiences them.[/QUOTE]

I don't have PCOS, and I can feel when I'm ovulating. People always think I'm crazy because I can tell when I'm ovulating and which ovary- they think women can't feel it. While some can't, other lucky ones, like me, can! Whenever I feel like it [I]may [/I]be appendecitis, its just me ovulating. And then I get other similar period- pains like my legs and lower back and that is all just confirmation. I've known a few girls who don't have PCOS who get ovulation pain. And I only have one friend who has PCOS and has never mentioned ovulation pains. I wonder why some of us feel it and others don't. I also got really bad cramps which is why I went on BC. Now, no pain :).

ttt, have you ever considered taking your temperature? Maybe that will help you narrow down your ovulation days.

Good luck!

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