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... To answer your question....correct. From Oct. 2006 to Feb of 07 I never had the "mess" of a period, but I MUST have ovulated to get pregnant. Even now, I still get PMS, cramps, bloating....but no "mess." And they dont think I am even ovulating now because I haven't been able to get pregnant. I honestly think my "plumbing" is "backed up." Right after I had my son, I had periods... (5 replies)
... Hello, I read your story and it sounds like what I'm going through now. I was on BC at 16 because my periods were so irregular, I'm talking 3 - 4 months without one. I got married at 23 and I'm now 24 and I've been off the pill since July 08. My husband and I have been trying to concieve and I noticed you wrote "Well, I went off BC in Oct. 2006 and got pregnant the end of... (5 replies)
TWW 2008 - Part 2
Nov 24, 2008
... Petunia, with a new puppy, I don't think it'll be too difficult to hold off TTC for a bit. You're definately going to have your hands full!! What kind of pup btw? I love doggies :D That rest might be exactly waht your body needs at this point.. are you leaving us until you ttc again though? :( Gigirl, I think I agree with Petunia about your OPK's.. depending on the time... (73 replies)

... We still don't know the reason for DH's low T but when he stopped the shots I got pregnant don't know if that had anything to do with it or not but 6years with nothing take the shots for a year and 6-8 after stopping I get pregnant. I have not noticed any up and downs like with the shots and he hasn't noticed any either. (7 replies)
... Yes, the Dr says there shouldn't be any ups and downs, but there are. Some months are worse than others, but he can definitely feel it. Hopefully he can do the gel in the long run, but I don't think our insurance covers it. If we don't get preg soon, they may take him off the TRT and see if they can determine what's causing his low levels, since it's not clear. (7 replies)
... DH is taking a T shot every 4 weeks for the past year. We're doing to do some bloodwork and SA next month, so we'll see... The endocrinologist and the Dr said the level's he's getting shouldn't affect his fertility, but everything you read online seems to indicate TRT will. But maybe that's more at the higher levels. Does your DH like how the gel is working? It seems so... (7 replies)
... What is Dh taking for his low T? Mine was taking a shot every 4 weeks for a year and he T levels went up 4 points and his sperm count dropped from 20-25million to 10-15 million but we was not told that taking any kind of testostrone replacement will lower the sperm count. When we found this out my RE put him on clomid as well to keep it from affecting the testostrone. The... (7 replies)
... cycle spotting like this was when I became pregnant with my daughter, and it just so happened to be on 7 dpo. I checked my cervix and it is high and soft, so I do not think this is AF coming on. ... (3 replies)
Yah Yah!
Jul 8, 2008
... By the way, about three days ago my cervix starting feeling really weird. Hard and sort of high, but the neck was really short and small and hard, felt different from every before. ... (15 replies)
2ww... part 3
Jul 5, 2008
... Dh and busy last night lol. He and I both noticed that my cervix was high and I had a LOT of creamy CM. Last cycle I had MAJOR bloating and cramping and Dr. ... (74 replies)
... Well, first off WOW!! It has been some time since I have been on this board. I didnt end up with a RE... Im actually due with my frist child anyday. Little Ava is going to be born in May sometimes. I wish you luck though!! (6 replies)
... I know how you feel. I am 44 years old. I misscarried at 41, never had a child. I am trying acupuncture, everything. I am eating soo healthy and yet I am getting night sweats and I just missed a cycle. My hormones are okay though. Do you know of any RE in Michigan that handles fertility problems related to advanced maternal age? Acupuncturists? I live in Oakland County. Please... (6 replies)
... Well, I havent started yet either. I took an hpt on wed. morning and it was negative. Im going to take a test Mon. and if it is neg. again and I havent started, Im going to make an appt. at my doctors. I have stopped cramping and my boobs dont hurt as bad but I keep getting dizzy and dry heaving. My cervix is way high up, semi-hard and squishy all around! I hope these are good... (11 replies)
... Hey, thanks everyone! This is the closest I have ever been to a BFP! My cervix is so high up I cant reach it and everything feels 'squishy'. I am still cramping and my cm has a yellow twinge to it.. This cramping is very annoying and very scary! ... (8 replies)
... This is like egg whites before they are cooked. It is very stretchy. My cervix is also high and soft. I don't get cramps or pains. If you are temping you will know you have ovulate when your temp jumps. ... (4 replies)
... I have a question My period is about 2 days late--my cervix is high and semi-soft-- and I have been extremly tired in the past week. Does this sound like early pregnancy? (11 replies)
How do you know?
Nov 20, 2007
... That was helpful but i am still confused, never done anything like this before. How do you check your basal body temp, is that your regular temp? by just a regular thermomature? and the EWCM is that somthing i will see? (4 replies)
How do you know?
Nov 20, 2007
... You can also check your cervical position. When you ovulate, your cervix is high and soft. ... (4 replies)
... One more question! Is it harder to tell when your cervix is high or low? ... (9 replies)
... Chocolate, after reading about your wifes hostile cervical mucus I would have to agree with your dr. to be more aggresive and use injectable drugs to produce better eggs and do the IUI. THe iui is going to bypass her mucus and go straight to the uterus and the cervix. So only one has to catch up to the egg or wait for it depending. My post coital's were never great either.... (107 replies)

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