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Question about CM
Sep 27, 2006
... So, it is hard to tell. I think if you check the position of your cervix instead of just your CM, you can have better luck. ... (3 replies)
... Hello! I haven't written it awhile, due to just being sick and down. My daughter has also had a cold and been very tired. I felt like I could sleep 24/7. In any case...I have 21 day cycles and have just decided to start tracking my cervical fluid and position. I am already noticing the changes, and think that I am probably ovulating soon. My cervix is high ( I can hardly feel... (2 replies)
... If you prop your bum up too high the semen will actually pool up behind your cervix -- not a good thing. My midwife suggested laying flat for at least 15 minutes after BDing. (3 replies)

... That was extremely helpful...With the cervix thing, if you do end up pregnant, does it stay high? ... (10 replies)
... When you get a + on the OPK you generally O within 24-48 hours. The fact that you BD'd the day you got a + is good, and it will give you a chance. Having a soft cervix is definitely a sign of O, but the key is to BD ahead of time -- and you did. The day of O is probably the "best" time -- but the day ahead of time is good too. I don't want to get your hopes too high --... (3 replies)
Jun 29, 2006
... I am still having cramps today and my bbs are getting a little sore. I think AF might be coming a little early. Now i have a stupid question. How can i check my cervix if its high or low, soft or firm? ... (4 replies)
Jun 27, 2006
... time, lol. That I had 2 globs of sticky stretchy stuff. SO I took it upon myself to go ahead and drive myself completely nuts and checked my cervix. It's pretty high and kind of mushy, like I can touch it and it seems to kind of sink in wherever I touched it. Also, it seemed to be much more sensitive. It almost gave me a .. ... (15 replies)
... conceive and manage to carry the pregnancy, I DON'T want to be 35 with a 1 year old. No offense to you ladies who wait, but I don't want to and I'm already very high risk. I'm not sure what to do. I'm thinking that maybe I should find a man that is on the same page as me in life, who wants the same things I want . . . ... (6 replies)
The dreaded 2ww...
Apr 17, 2006
... th. I got a medium coloured line then it went away completly. I got another medium colour line on Saturday. That was my last OPK! So I haven't done any more. My cervix never got soft or closed, it was high yesterday and droped down real low this morning. ... (22 replies)
... so a test should be dark positive by now....I am still having watery to creamy cm, and cervix is high and soft? ... (17 replies)
New need help
Oct 26, 2005
... hi new here 10dpo getting discouraged 3 days in a row but sore bbs (extremely) dont ever get them and major cm (dont get that either) af is due on sat....i keep seeing everyone get their 8,9 and 10dpo and i am just getting discouraged...also cervix is med-high and velvety soft this will be my 3rd preg... but ionly have i boy hes 6......i just need encouragement i guess ... (1 replies)
TTC please reply
Sep 7, 2005
... Cervix is HIGH I can not touch the top when checking Cervical position and I am crampy. ... (1 replies)
... If you cervix is up high, that might be a clue. Good luck! ... (2 replies)
... Your cervix will feel more like the inside of your cheek or your lower lip. Open means just that. Like an open circle. If you've had a child, it might seem more oval. ... (7 replies)
7 day wait
Jun 15, 2005
... and was trying to figure out if I may possibly be pregnant. My cervix is high, moist, and creamy. ... (13 replies)
EWCM for a week?
May 26, 2005
... The thing is.. even from last cycle, my cervix never dropped? ... (31 replies)
... Thanks for the input. Today my period has stopped. Now my question is, did I ovulate? My period was so short & light I wonder if I even ovulated. Maybe my body tried to ovulate, but didn't. Would that result in a short & light period? I had all the symptoms of ovulation (EWCM, High cervix that I could not even reach, pain in my left ovary & ferning on my saliva scope). (4 replies)
Quick Question
May 11, 2005
... I had some light pink spotting yesterday, so I think the ol hag just might be on her way, though cervix is still real high and wet. How are things going for you this cycle? ... (2 replies)
... Okay here I go again with early ovulation, I think. On the 8th day after Af started I had very wet cm.High cervix& low temp. BD that night.Today 2 days later cm is creamy & lotiony.Temp was a little higher but I slept a little later today. :eek: Have I o'd already on day 8???Or should I continue to bd until day 14 or until temps go higher for a few days? It seems like I do... (3 replies)
... My cm is still wet and cervix is high. Does this temp thing work for everyone or should I give up? ... (3 replies)

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