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... my cervix is high and closed this wk it was low last wk what should this tell me? ... (4 replies)
... Hi louise, nothing yet but my accupuncturist seems to think af may appear around begining of march, i still hold out little hope. As each day goes by i feel more and more upset, feel like a failure because my body is lazy and not waking up from the depo, all she wants to do is sleep and all i want is af. I wasnt sure if i felt implantation! What happened is according... (28 replies)
... So at least I am doing that right!LOL So today is my 14th day, cm is still lotiony, cervix is very high but the opk is still negative!!!! Should I continue to BD or just forget this month and assume I didn't o. ... (11 replies)

Clear CM
Nov 8, 2004
... okay, one of my neive ?'s again....I just started checking my CM and today it is clear not stretchy and a little bit cervix I think is low and soft but not sure cause I really don't know what I'm looking for I'm not sure if it's low/ high but it definitely feels soft...what do you ladies think because at this point I'm not even sure I"m cycles are 33... (0 replies)
Nov 3, 2004
... sure I am in Ovulating mode. It is day 14 exactly in my cycle. I checked my cp and I can not evenr reach my cervix it is so high. I have milky white cm a little streachy and my temps are low so if they spike here is a few days I will know for sure. ... (0 replies)
... I have no spotting like I usually do before a period so I still have no signs for coming on, my boobs are getting more sorer. My cervix is still high, damp and closed. Temp is still up so it looks good for me. ... (80 replies)
... Hi, How u doing Sammie? I'm happy, haven't got a positive test yet, mainly I haven't taken one but my cervix is high up, soft and am having milky white mucus ( sorry tmi ), my breasts look like a road map, the veins are prominent, I've increased my boob size, gone from a 34 - 38B, my veins in breasts are now underneath them so that's a good sign for me, no moodiness or... (80 replies)
... hi there and welcome. there are alot of women on here that will have some great advice and i will do the best that i can. there is a book that is recommended on this board over and over, taking charge of your fertility. apparently this book will change your life, or your fertility life for that matter. this book talks about basal body temp. taking, watching your cervical... (1 replies)
Trying to conceive
Feb 24, 2004
... other day that is if your Dh has a low count and since you dont know that I wouldnt worry over that. For the raising your legs make sure youdont raise them too high because you could cause the semen to pool around the the cervix and that defeats the purpose. ... (8 replies)
... ers. I still feel pg but I guess I am until my AF arrives on either Monday or Tuesday. My temp went down a little to 98.2. IT was 98.5 yesterday. Today is 12dpo. Cervix still real high and still tender sore painful BB's. I tell you ladies life has been a roller coaster ride for me and I am sure for all you TTC'ers also. ... (40 replies)
... y used to by now how it is supposed to feel, but this month has been strange. I didn't get the "egg white" discharge when I was supposed to be ovulating, and my cervix is still high, almost like when you are supposed to ovulate, but higher, and it is tilted in a diff. angle! I find this so wierd. ... (4 replies)
... i thought that when i was ovulating that my cervix should be closer to my vagina opening so that the sperm would get into it easier but now i understand why that is backwards!! ... (26 replies)
... me and told my mom and she said I would have to put the baby back inside me because it wasn't time for me to give birth yet. But it had been like an hour and my cervix was already closing up, so she wouldn't fit back inside. ... (38 replies)
... Obviously I'd need a LOT more info to give you an intelligent/accurate answer. But based on what you posted here's what I think: As far as charting temps to predict Ovulation, it only serves as hindsight. In other words, it can tell you that you already ovulated, but that does not help you that month, because it is unlikely that you will get pregnant AFTER you ovulate. ... (4 replies)
... I'm pretty sure you are on CD 2 with me since we both started in the middle of the night. On the ferning kit, perhaps your hormone levels weren't high enough to affect the CM. It did say that women can still ovulate even with unbalanced hormones, but that conception would be unlikely. ... (38 replies)
... Don't put a very high pillow under your hips after, as semen may pool at the entrance of the cervix and block the way. Remember, if someone can get PG in a car on a hot date, then I don't think we need to go through much paraphernalia to get PG. ... (8 replies)
TTC Buddies 53
Mar 21, 2003
... It was high and soft. ... (37 replies)
TTC Buddies (49)
Mar 19, 2003
... wait for that bundle of joy to embrace me and DH. We tried fo rthe first time on the 17th of this month, a couple of days after my AF. It was strange because my cervix was already high and soft, meaning fertility was there. Usually this happens about 5 days after the AF. Anyway DH, swears that we concieved, I mean he knows it. ... (30 replies)
TTC Buddies 48
Mar 19, 2003
... ait for that bundle of joy to embrace me and DH. We tried fo rthe first time on the 17th of this month, a couple of days after my AF. It was strange because my cervix was already high and soft, meaning fertility was there. Usually this happens about 5 days after the AF. ... (42 replies)

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