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... I have a question about CM girls. Is it normal to have CM right before AF, or should you be dry? ... (106 replies)
CM Question
Jun 22, 2007
... Is it a fact that CM dries up right before AF arrives? ... (2 replies)
CM Question
Jun 22, 2007
... your cm dries up after you ovulate. ... (2 replies)

CM verses Semen
Nov 5, 2006
... Okay...weird question. I have pretty much accepted that AF is on her way, but yesturday I noticed a slight increase in lotiony CM, which is probably normal for me. ... (2 replies)
... Oh I am sooo excited to find out! I had been getting A LOT of CM but it seems to have dried up a lot and is back to lotion like...which is how it always is right before AF. So I just don't know. I still feel like I have a rock in my lower ab though, and have since Tuesday. ... (41 replies)
... AF is due tomorrow. I have been having cramps off and on and lately some cm. Which I usually don't have right before af. At times, I feel dizzy in the morning, but not enought to be a big deal. BB's are a little sore. I wonder if it's all in my head!! ... (165 replies)
... I still feel like I have a rock in my uterus. I don't remember if I've ever felt that before AF, but I am thinking not. It just feels very different. But then again every month I find a new symptom only to recieve AF. ... (165 replies)
... o sustain a longer wait for O to occur whereas male sperm are more likely to result in conception closer to O. The book mentions that most people don't conceive right at or very near to O, hence, more female babies. But you are right in that the CM is one of the best indicators that O is approaching. ... (26 replies)
... days. This cycle I noticed that after ovulation my cm dried up completely! ... (4 replies)
... Unfortunately it could be either. Do you always check your cm and have you ever had this before af when checking your cm? ... (8 replies)
... said I was ovulating, although I just tried anyway, with no luck of course. Another thing, like I said before, my periods have always been very regular. I have AF for about 6 to 7 days with a pretty normal flow I'd say. ... (7 replies)
Sep 21, 2005
... Well I am going to test FIRST thing Saturday morning. I have been having more cm than I normally do right before AF. I am normally dry right before her but after I exercise and through the day I have alot of cm. ... (12 replies)
... Hey Autumn, good to hear some positive news in your life! Don't you worry, AF will be gone in no time and keep positive to get that positive!! ... (44 replies)
TWW 2008 Part 1
Nov 3, 2008
... Cookie, abundant CM is exactly what you want with the medicine, I hope it does the trick, sounds like you and DH have been busy and will continue on being busy... enjoy! ... (76 replies)
... There is an abbreviation sticky at the top of the TTC page. Look it over and you will get the abv. in no time. The increased CM is a good sign, never give up hope until AF shows her ugly head. ... (34 replies)
... I kind of linger on these boards and haven't chatted much. This is my 3rd month trying and temping. I should be starting af tomorrow. I took a home pregnancy test on Monday night and it was clearly negative so I seriously doubt I am pregnant. ... (44 replies)
... I feel nothing! Don't know if that is good or bad! but like Sweetpea said, I do have increased CM and usually before AF I am bone dry! ... (106 replies)
Testing On Wed.
Sep 26, 2005
... Rachel...I was just looking for you and your results. I too had a lot of creamy cm right when af was due...not at all before but all my months of af coming I usually did. ... (14 replies)
... Now here's something I've noticed about myself, maybe you girls have too, but right before AF shows up, my breasts aren't tender but they feel harder inside if I squeeze them. ... (29 replies)
... most of the time it is clear sometimes with a white tinge but not completly white. I could be wrong,but based on anything I have read you can have fertile CM right up until AF. Every woman is diffrent. ... (1 replies)

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