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EWCM for a week?
May 29, 2005
... If the EWCM is caused by pregnancy, you probably O'd a while ago. ... (31 replies)
... ery other day, if not every day, between day 7 and 15. But maybe I should try the OPK just to be sure Im ovulating. I asked my Dr about not noticing the stretchy EWCM and she said it can be hard to notice sometimes...she said as long at it's noticibly more abundant and thicker that it's fine. ... (2 replies)
... I actually just started temping after ovulation. I suspect that i ovulated on 5/15, partly because my period is usually on time, 28 day cycle, and because on 5/16 is when i got a lot of white, dryish cm. According to what i researched, dry cm, happens right after ovulation. Also, on 5/15 later on after bd, i felt a few sharp cramps which i assume were o cramps. According to... (2 replies)

... vulation tests coming out positive for days now, but I am nowhere near ovulation, since I should be starting my period today. This is very unusual for me to have ewcm now, at this point in my cycle. I took two pregnancy tests that came out negative 2 days ago. ... (1 replies)
... We just started ttc this month, and I had ewcm and slight cramps so I knew I was about to ovulate. ... (7 replies)
... i could of i guess i had ewcm on the nineth is all i dont track temps... i have been trying but usually dont remember until after i have been up and moving for an hour... ... (2 replies)
... I am pretty sure I o'ed as I got ewcm and my fertility monitor said so and now we are day 18. Not feeling any different at all, no signs at all, apart from some funny little cramps a few days ago. ... (6 replies)
EWCM for a week?
Jun 7, 2005
... With all the symptoms you are having, I think if you are pregnant it will definitely definitely show up. You shouldn't have any symptoms until the baby implants, and you've been having them for such a long time, I think if this it it, a test will show it. What are your temps doing? And just FYI, cramps can definitely be a symptom of early pregnancy (I might have already... (31 replies)
EWCM for a week?
May 27, 2005
... Is it still too early for you to test? I'm really not sure checking cervical position is all that accurate. My cervix stayed low my whole last cycle, up until I got my BFP, and it obviously didn't affect me getting pregnant. It never moved at all as far as I could tell. I'm pretty sure it's higher now, although I haven't checked, but I'm 10 1/2 weeks. Cramps are also... (31 replies)
Jan 18, 2007
... Hey Ishade! Definately take advantage of the EWCM and start BDing! It may still be several days out yet, as I would get EWCM sometimes for 7 or 8 days before I Oed. I did the cycle I got pregnant. ... (4 replies)
... I always get very thick cm. It stretches and I just consider it EWCM since it looks like egg whites only thicker. I got a chem pregnancy with that type of cm, but I generally take robitussin, because I think its too thick. Are you confirming that you O'd by monitoring your temperatures? ... (3 replies)
... days after implantation depending on how senstitive your pregnancy test is and how fast you produce. If you read the box most of the test have the disclaimer that says something like... ... (4 replies)
... months. I just wanted to give an explanation that I learned from the book. Pregnancy starts with Day 1 of your period. As your body sheds the uterine lining, it is already preparing the next egg for ovulation. ... (23 replies)
... rely noticed it and it didn't happen that much and had tiny cramps switching from upper right side to lower left side in my uterus. All of the 28th I had alot of EWCM which I don't normally have, and tiny cramps today, still in the upper right sider and lower left side. ... (0 replies)
Is this normal?
May 30, 2007
... Hey Crazylife, if it is unusal to get the EWCM before your period then you never know. Personally, I always seem to get that the day or two before my period. It could be a sign? ... (6 replies)
... I remember that we made love on the 7th day of my cycle. From my posts I can also see that on the day 16th of my cycle I already had creamy CM or EWCM for several days. So pregnancy doesn't seem likely to me. What do you ladies think? ... (11 replies)
Best bd days?
Jul 2, 2005
... TTC. It just lets you know that you've ovulated and your chances are over. It doesn't help you know when ovulation is approaching. So your idea of dancing on EWCm days are right. ... (3 replies)
Cm question
Jun 28, 2005
... Last month I had the same thing and I think that I had an anovulatory cycle. I had EWCM since like the time I was to O and was confused as to when I had actually done so. ... (4 replies)
... at he doesnt present with any issues cause im guessing i have enough for the both of us. Sometimes i wonder if i am well enough to get pregnant and to maintain a pregnancy without miscarry or falling ill. I'm just tired all the time with no real diagnoses of anything yet. Do u take any pre natal vitamins? ... (30 replies)
... I used to have bunches of EWCM for a couple days, so super obvious it was unmistakeable. Of course, now that we are TTC, I'm not seeing so much. Why oh why? ... (2 replies)

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