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... I am in the same boat! Three days late as well, negative test and same thing with the discharge. I keep wondering if that's a sign as well. ... (19 replies)
... As of right now I am three days late for my period and I've had more signs now then any other month... ... (19 replies)
... I talked to the nurse at my doctor's office yesterday and she said it sounds promising. She said it's not abormal at all to not see a BFP till a week after your period was supposed to start. She told me to test again this weekend and she'll send me a slip for blood work if I haven't started my period by then. So we'll see. ... (19 replies)

... My husband and I thought it would take us a while to get pregnant so when after a month of trying I took a pregnancy test it came back negative we were disappointed but not suprised. ... (19 replies)
... Hey there, I am 6 days late, still BFNs too. I got the slip from my dr. to go for the blood test I am going to go tomorrow and see. I know, this is so frustrating. ... (19 replies)
... Exactly! As of today I am 6 days late. ... (19 replies)
... I am sorry to hear that. It's day 10 for me today. I completely agree, show me a BFP or let me start the next cycle, none of this no idea what's going on stuff. Good luck on the blood test, keep me posted. I might wait another week and then talk to a doctor. I am thinking baby thoughts for you! :wave: (19 replies)
... So here I am... nine days late, and it was a big fat negative. ... (19 replies)
... Saturday can't come soon enough in some ways, but I am afraid I will only be disappointed again. If I am pregnant I hope that the test shows it, and if I'm not I just want to get my period so that I can know I'm not and try again on my next cycle... Oh, well. It will happen! ... (19 replies)
... The pregnancy hormone varies a lot, so it may just not have been concentrated enough when you took the test. You can always get a blood test from your Dr to confirm the hormone and level. ... (19 replies)
... this is all I can think about! If I am still showing negative on Saturday I might book an appointment to get a blood test. The only time I've ever missed my period was way back when I went off the pill and my cycle was trying to get back on track... ... (19 replies)
... with you! Waiting is just the worst! I said to my husband, you have two weeks just about after you try to "wait" and see if you are preg, then you're waiting to test at just the right time, then if it's negative waiting to try all over again. Whew it's exhausting! ... (19 replies)
... I think that a blood test is probably the best thing to do. ... (19 replies)
... est. I have noticed some "symptoms", lower back ache, moodiness, nausea, a clear CM, headaches, etc. Ive taken 2 tests both negative.....Im wondering if a blood test is the best way to go. Any advice? ... (19 replies)
... you Cov465! I will take another test in a couple of days. ... (19 replies)
... Thanks for the encouraging words Wolf....Im going this week for a blood test, Im tired of waiting. I am hoping the best for you and your hubby as well, please let me know what happens. I feel like if some other women have the same situation and end up pregnant then I have some hope! Best wishes to you! (19 replies)
... I have been reading different sites and articles, and it seems as though there are a lot of women who experience this. I try to not talk myself into being pregnant, since that is possible, but it seems like everytime I turn around I have some other symptom. Ive even read up on the causes of a missed period, and I dont seem to fit the bill...not overly stressed, no weight gain,... (19 replies)
... Ladies, did anyone get a bfp? (19 replies)
... It took a while to get regular again after going off of the pill, but for the past few months it had been. (19 replies)
... Are you usually always on the same time every month? (19 replies)

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