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... For the past 4 days straight my nipples have been SOOOO SORE!!! all of a sudden they just started hurting, I dont know why? ... (22 replies)
... Hey I had that with DS number one. I got really sore nipples everything I wore made them hurt it was unbearable! It lasted till I was 12 weeks pregnant. ... (2 replies)
Sore nipples
May 6, 2006
... I had O pains for three days. The last two days of having the O pains we tried. At about 4 dpo my nipples got real sore and tender and they are still that way. I am about 6 dpo right now. Could I be pregnant? ... (1 replies)

... Anyway My nipples stopped hurting as much and eased off for a few days but the tips of my nipples are still very red and as of today...sore aGain! I dont know what is going on with me. ... (22 replies)
... My nipples are SOOO sore still! when will it stop? ... (22 replies)
Sore nipples...
Mar 2, 2006
... We have been trying for about 5 months now but before that I was on birth control or hormones to control my fibroid pain for almost 8 years. My nipples continue to hurt and I still have not had my period. My last period was on January 24th. ... (3 replies)
... I completely understand your frusterations though. The very first month DH and I were TTC, my BB's became sore the day after O. I thought forsure I was pregnant, but nope. ... (22 replies)
... I would definately put it down to me ovulating given what i have read but i NEVER EVER get sore BB's when I ovulate usually. That's the first thing that made me think something was up. ... (22 replies)
... efore christmas. Still no AF!!! I'm half excited half scared. I don't want to read to mush into it but i guess im around 4 days late. I've been very moody and my nipples keep hurting on and off but thats about all so far. I've also been feeling like i have a weak stomach like i may be sick at the most random of times. ... (22 replies)
Sore nipples...
Feb 23, 2006
... Are your nipples swelling and getting hard? ... (3 replies)
... Milly is it possible that you have been pregnant for a little while now? ... (22 replies)
... Hi Milly !! Just remembering that i had sore boobs about 5 days after a missed peroid. I had no symptoms at all until then. Everyone is different though... I am really shooting for ya !! ... (22 replies)
... With your BB being so sore, maybe you already have enough hcg to test. When is AF due to come. :) (22 replies)
... well the weird thing is we have been TTC now for months and the last period I had was really weird. It was like brown and really light and then it went kinda pink an then just stopped and then the same light browny pink CM came back again for like 2 days and then nothing. I dont know perhaps that was Implantation?? Me and my BF are doing the BD every like second day except... (22 replies)
... Hello everyone, This is my first goes. OK, I have been pg before, it ended it termination, (which breaks my heart daily but thats another story) me and DP are ttc and have been for 8 Months, my cycle is totally erratic so it's really hard to chart.(17-46 days but mostly when it gets in a pattern 42 days) Now when I was pg before I tested at 6 weeks and got... (5 replies)
... Ok I just read all your posts and I will take a test in the morning... Im scared but i trust you all and so I will take your advice. Today I was at work and for no reason at all around 11am I just started feeling really queasy, like my stomach felt very weak. I was to the point that I felt like I was going to be sick! I ate a really good normal breakfast so it wasnt because I... (22 replies)
... Milly, I would test to rule out that you are not pregnant. If not and AF is due in 14 days, then now is the time when you are ovulating. When you said that you were 3wks from last AF I assumed that you were on a 4wk cycle. But if you're on 5wk cycle, now is when you are ovulating (12-16 days from NEXT period), which means that BB tenderness that you are experiencing is not due... (22 replies)
... As you know anything is possible. Usually you would expect nausea or breast tenderness couple days after implantation when hCG begins to be produced. Implantation usually occurs 6-9 days after ovulation, and then give couple more days for hCG to begin production, so again symptoms 8-11 days after ovulation, at earliest. With over 3wks into your cycle, it could be it for... (22 replies)
... I know i wouldnt be able to wait that long with those symptoms!! But good on you if you do! I was 10 DPO and since I Od I had very sore nipples, smells started being stronger and I was very emotional! So let us know when you get your BFP. ... (6 replies)
Pregnant maybe????
Oct 21, 2006
... Hi you guys I haven't posted here in a long time but I was just wanting your opinion or maybe advice.I am now 2 weeks late on my period.My period comes every 34-36 days and was due on Oct.6.I took a hpt and it bfn.For the last two weeks i've had mild cramping somewhat(feels like I'm going to get my period any minute)sore nipples,and pee a whole lot.My period has not been late... (2 replies)

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