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Hello, I am nit prone to UTIs but 2 months ago I felt slight urgency so asked for a urine test. They found 50.000 enterococcus building house in my UT.
Obgyn gave me a week of nitrofurantoin ... One month later I went to the urologist for a diff reason and asked for a urine test. Now the colony doubled in size 100.000+ so what did the antibiotics do?!

He wanted to pres ribe me Cipro but I do not tolerate it (as well as augmentin), so he suggested another round of nitrofurantoin, but I pointed out that it didnt work the first time so why would it work the second? Plus they probably found resistance to it.

So now (probably in an attempt to kill me as I annoyed the heck out of him) he suggested a heavy duty long term antibiotics cycle ... But again I refused.

I have to take another urine test next week, in the meantime I am taking 90billions probiotics daily, drinking tons of water, using uti-clear which have uva ursi and other herbs supposedly good to get rid of this b**tard. This bacteria is harder to get rid of his cousin E.Coli which can be removed with D-mannose and cranberry.

I am at a loss. The UTI is asymptomatic so I dont even know what if when a drug worked excelt if I have a urine test.

My question is, would another, longer round of nitrofurantoin help or will most likely make the bacteria angrier and come back double as it did the first time?

I am not sure how these antibiotics work but it looks like the ones that showed susceptibility to the enterococcus are not really responding as well as in vitro.
There were 5 antibiotics that showed response, only 1 was resistant.
2 of them were fluoro.... (Cipro kind) which i can not tolerate another one was nitrofurantoin and another one penicillin. Why arent they suggesting penicillin? I dont seem to be allergic to that.

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