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I was looking for some advice maybe one of you has experienced this before. I'm a 26 year old male and about 4-5 weeks back I was lying in bed and had slight paints in my abdomen/beside my rib cage. A few hours later I went to void, 10-15 minutes later I felt I had to go again. This has been continuous since then, it seems to happen more so at night time when I'm lying down.

I've also got a pinching/inflammation feeling in my urethra, I can see the tip of my penis quite red near the hole (sorry not sure of the technical term for it). My testicles have also been quite sensitive and sore to touch.

I have been back and forth with my GP and out of hours clinic, I have had 4 different types of antibiotics and nothing seems to be helping. I have had my bloods taken and they came back fine, I had my urine dip tested a week ago and it showed purple which means there is white blood cells in my urine. The doctor said this normally points to an infection so gave me my latest course of antibiotics (Nitrofurantoin)

I'm close to the end of the course of antibiotics and still no further forward. I haven't been sexually active for over a year so I know it can't be an STD. When I pee its clear dependant on how much I have had to drink, after I finish voiding I wait a few seconds and can pee a small amount again - so I'm guessing I'm not able to fully void. My thoughts were maybe I have a kidney stone stuck somewhere but also read could be Prostatitis. I have noticed a slight change in bowel movements, I'm not going as often and when I do its with a bit of difficulty and the poop is in a slightly curved shape if that makes any sense.

I have an appointment to get an ultrasound done on my bladder on Tuesday but I fear this may not show anything, I have also been referred to see a Urologist but not heard anything back as of yet - will need to chase that tomorrow with doctor but in the meantime I was wondering if anyone has experienced anything similar and might be able to give me an idea of what I'm dealing with? Its got to the point now where I can't sleep at night and affecting both my life and my work, so am open to any suggestions or things that might help

P.s sorry for the paragraphs, I wanted to get as much info in as I could

[QUOTE=Gordian4;5419387]I feel like I could have written this post myself. I am in the exact same boat my friend. 33 year old male and I have had the same sex partner for 7 years. It started a little over a week ago. Constant urge to pee like every 15 minutes to an hour tops. Did a bunch of tests. Blood and urine and am on round two of antibiotics. All STD tests were negative as well. The only thing that showed abnormal on my urine tests have been protein in my urine but my blood and other urine levels show that I have functioning kidneys and do not have diabetes or pre diabetes. Dr also did a prostate exam which he said felt normal.

I am at a loss and like you am starting to get depressed because its taking such a toll on my life. The only thing that relieves the burning/itching of it all is to sit in a bath with no soap. I have an appointment with a urologist but its not for another 3 weeks and I cant take this that long.[/QUOTE]

Hey Gordian, I've actually managed to find out what it is for me after seeing a Urologist yesterday. I went for kidney and bladder scan everything there was fine. My symptoms have calmed down in terms of inflammation in the urethra, I got given a mild steroid cream to apply called Canisen this helped a lot with the irritation/redness in the tip but I still get urges to pee quite quickly its more every hour or so now during day then it gets more frequent at night when lying down.

The urologist checked my prostate and it was the sorest thing I've ever felt - it honestly felt as though he had taken a hammer to it. He told me I have a form of prostatitis which I'll have for the rest of my life. He's prescribed me a list of tablets (3 per day) to take for over a month to relieve my symptoms so I'm going to try remain positive for now. Its anti inflammatory, antibiotics and a drug to help with urine flow. Although he said it isn't I think it may be an infection as I've noticed my sperm has a green tint through it which I've read is a form of infection in the prostate.

I know you said you've had your prostate checked but it'll be best getting yours checked again by Urologist - they really know their stuff, I gave him a list of all my symptoms and within 5-10 mins he knew exactly where the problem was coming from.

If you're experiencing an inflammation kind of feeling try taking ibuprofen and see if it settles any. I found it helped with the irritation/inflamm, I also had some spare naproxen from a shoulder problem I had a while ago and felt like these helped quite a bit just don't go overboard with the NSAID's

With these symptoms we have its clear something (in my case the prostate) is restricting the ureter hence why we can't empty our bladder properly and feel need to go after we've been. I hope you manage to find out what it is for you and get it sorted. It can be really debilitating to the point of isolating yourself and not wanting to go out or venture too far away from toilets but keep your hopes up! Let me know how it goes

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