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I've had an issue for over a year now, been to multiple primary care doctors, 2 urology departments so far and dozens of emergency room visits.. I'm looking for answers, or at the very least some advice on how to go forward with this.

I was masturbating what I would consider alot, usually twice a day. After a long stint if masturbating one day, I felt a feeling like I had the wind knocked out of me, and my penis basically deflated.
It became very painful on the left side, my left testicle retracted up to my body, and I started feeling a heaviness in my perenium.The veins on the left side of my penis became more visible after this too.
I went into the emergency room and they couldn't find anything.. then diagnosed me with a hernia and sent me on my way. I went back to my primary care physician and she said she didn't think it was a hernia, did her own examination and said there was nothing wrong..
A few weeks later, while standing for hours on end at work, I started getting a numb feeling in my rectum testicles and penis.. I went to the ER and they did an ultrasound to rule out testicular torsion which there was no sign of..

I continued walking around with all of this pain, I wasn't able to achieve an erections for the most part, and if I did only the right side of my penis would fill up causing it to curve, so after research I assumed it could be peyronie's disease and set another appointment with my primary care doctor. I had also noticed a pea sized lump under the head of my penis on the left side, close to the urethra.. it was very painful.

This time they had me see the medical director of the clinic I had been going to. He basically said it was all in my head and that I should get out and enjoy the weather. I brought up that I was worried that it was Peyronie's and he said "so what if it is?"

At this point I'm crying in the exam room trying to get him to listen to me.. explained about the painful knot I found in my penis..he examined me and finally set me up with a urologist.

I saw that urologist probly 3 times, but in those 3 appointments he probly spent a total of 10 minutes with me all together, the rest was done by interns at the hospital..

After showing him the lump, he set me up for a pelvic MRI. After a months wait I finally had it done.
The day of the MRI, I had it done in the morning and went to work that afternoon.. The pain got so bad I nearly passed out at work, went to the ER again.. and of course they didn't have even the most vague idea what it was, and gave me the results of the MRI which was that it showed nothing..
The urology office called me the next day, I asked them what the next course of action should be and the urologist left a note in the system that said there was nothing to treat, and I should go to a pain clinic to learn to live with it, or try pelvic floor therapy.

I didn't have insurance so I really couldn't afford either.. and the pain was as if I had had my penis slammed in a car door. Not the kind of pain I could learn to deal with.
Things got worse as my bowels started acting up too. I had been on pain killers for some time before this for a back injury, so I had chronic constipation.. but at that point I had been off of them for months and I was still constipated, only passing small pieces every bowel movement..
It got to be so unpredictable that I couldn't perform my job anymore.. I was living alone so I went to go live with my dad while dealing with this.

I was able to get state insurance, but I've still been having all of the same issues. Painful lump in the left side of my penis, near the tip.. from my research it seems to he the artery that runs through the left chamber.

After getting no results from a gastrointerologist, I got a referral for pelvic floor therapy, which I've been doing for about 3 months now. It's helping with some of the pain, but the painful knot is still there after all this time.. hasn't changed much...

It's painful if I get an erection, and especially painful if I ejaculate. It feels as though there is too much pressure inside my penis... like its trying to expand past the point that the structures inside want to let it.

I finally got a referal to another urologist office last week, and the initial appointment was with a nurse practitioner today at the office.
I tried explaining to her what was going on, I had a list of syptoms with a timeline that she wouldn't even let me tell her about.

She recommended FLOMAX, which I had already tried before with no change in symptoms.. and said if that doesn't work, then maybe there's other tests she could do..
I had her feel the lump under the skin, and she played it off as if it wasn't a big deal.. that it's normal.. I know my penis.. I've had it for 35 years, and it hurts like HELL all the time.

I feel like my sex life is over, I'm probly having more damage done to it by not getting any attention for this. I'm afraid I'm gonna lose all function.

I'm so depressed all the time, I have girls flirt with me and I'm too afraid to reciprocate because I know when it comes down to it.. I couldnt perform sexually anymore.. My anxiety is through the roof, I'm in so much pain I still can't make it through a work day.. I can't take painkillers because I ended up addicted from the back injury. I've lost 2 more jobs since I've been here..

Every where I go I keep hitting brick walls.. and not one doctor I've seen seems to care at all.

So my symptoms are:

Pain in the left side of the penis, centered on a knot about the size of a pea, seemingly at the end of the main artery through the left chamber.

Pain in left testicle, as well as the epiditumus.

Pain in the inner thigh, leading to the left testicle from the knee.

Pain in the lower left abdomen (I actually felt a pop there once when sitting up from a laying position)

Pain in the rectum along with loose bowel movements

Bowel urgency

Bladder urgency

Urine retention

Burning urination

Pain with erection, ejaculation

Frequent erections if I sit wrong

Another thing I should mention is that I was sexually abused when I was 12.

I also had an issue with drinking alcohol for most of my life, where after drinking I'd get an extremely intense burning sensation, and urine retention lasting a few hours after drinking even just one beer.

Left side of penis sometimes does not fill with blood during erection causing a flaccid, semi curved weak erection..

I've also been tested for every STD known to man...

If anyone has any ideas what could be wrong, or suggestions for self treatment or a specialty doctor.. or any input at all.. I'm at the end of my rope and I feel like none of the healthcare professionals I have seen really wanna help me.. or maybe they think I'm making it up.. I dont know.. I just am desperate at this point.. thanks for reading.

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