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[QUOTE=MrsShirl;5452566]I feel the same about the burning/irritation feeling, mine is there 24/7 for months now. Even if I have a UTI or if it's a few days in between UTIs. That part is so confusing to me. I don't have the normal UTI symptoms, I have pain in my back, lower abdomen plus I feel irritation in my urethra all the time and no one can tell me why. It never goes away. I might consider the polyp removal after talking to the new uro, I definitely want to know what he thinks about it. I really wasn't given an option for removal when he saw the polyps, he just made the decision not to remove. They also told me I have retention, but the weird thing is they told me that 6 years ago I wasn't having UTIs at all, it's all very frustrating. Please let me know what your new uro says, good luck.[/QUOTE] OMG MrsShirl, how we share so much. When I told the Uro about the burning/irritation, he just stared at me, puzzled. I even get that feeling when I'm on antibiotics. Same as you with the funky feeling in the urethra. Mine isn't 24/7 though. It comes and goes, but is there for a good part of the day, like right now. It's almost like there is some urine sitting in the urethra causing the burning, but not enough to signal a need to urinate.

I think it is difficult to explain to a man certain things we women feel. I doubt they get any similar feelings. Sometimes, I get a bladder ache that almost feels like menstrual cramps. It happens with and without UTI.

I wonder if all those antibiotics I've taken have caused irritation of the bladder and urethra. I've tried reseaching that, but come up with nothing. I do know that the antibiotics will kill off the good bacteria in the vagina and that's why I take the female probiotics.

I don't have the 'normal' UTI symptoms either, but that could be because I get on antibiotics always right away. The very first UTI, my urine was quite dark and looked abnormal. After that, my urine when infected is very light, but sort of looks thicker and almost opaque. Never ever is it smelly. My uti symptoms are always the same. I feel like I have to go, I go a few drops, it burns badly, and looks like I wrote above. I usually get on antibiotics within 1 day of that symptom.

I am pretty petrified of getting a kidney infection if I don't treat the Uti. I asked the Uro about that and how long it generally takes for an untreated Uti to go to the kidney. He said it all depends. He said he has some patients that as soon as they get a Uti, it goes right to the kidney.

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