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20 days ago I noticed a strange lump in the right side of the glans or head of my penis. It's a lump that's not ON the skin. It's within.

I'm worried this is cancer or something. I'm in my 30s.

At first I thought it could be an STD since it follows some faint burning or higher temperature at the crotch about a week after unprotected sex with a girl. The angle of insertion or two might have been rough or awkward. I can recall one insertion where I could feel the tip of penis almost split or spread wide.

I don't have any difficulty urinating and the warmer sensation I get there has not turned at all into a painful burning.

But I can also recall a time about 2 months ago when I might have impacted my crotch area when a rag got caught on a wire brush of an angle grinder and it whipped around and hit my penis as I was using the grinder.

I hoped that maybe what I'm feeling is a thrombosis or something.

I also hoped the lump could be a swollen lymph node. But I don't think lymphnodes exist in the head of the penis.

It feels kind of like the stiff tip of the urethra might feel when the penis is erect. It's soft and firm at the same time, kind of like a swollen lymph node. It's a bit pea-sized and it's to the right of the urethra somewhere INSIDE the soft tissue of the head of the penis on the right. Again, I need to emphasize that it's not ON the skin. I emphasize that because that's usually what comes up when I look this up on the internet.

I haven't seen a doctor YET about this, but it just seems like the only thing he's going to be able to tell me is that he won't know what it is until he cuts the lump out.

Folks, these past few weeks I have started to see the world in terms of death and cancer, dying and mortality. I can already see the world as a split between the lucky innocent haves vs have-nots who have been stricken with unfortunate, almost inevitable disease. I fear cancer is what I may have.

I'm hoping to get some feedback and maybe someone's gone through what I am or has the same symptoms. And maybe as this thing progresses I can write about it here. And maybe the update information I provide will help someone peering down from the skies of Google in the future.

Please help. Thanks.

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