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This all started in January of 2016. I started having a burning deep inside my urethra following a bit of thrush (male yeast infection).

A little Diflucan cleared up the outside symptoms in mid-December but shortly after that, in early January, I started getting the burning at the bottom of my urethra, near my prostate.

It took 2.5 months to get to a urologist and when I did he wrote me a 6 week course of Cipro. A DRE (digital rectal exam) revealed that my prostate was SLIGHTLY enlarged, but not much at all, still he diagnosed it as prostate infection. After the round of Cipro the symptoms came back within a week or two. I went back again, more Cipro. This happened probably 2-3 times and then the pain CHANGED.

It went from a burn deep down near my prostate and a feeling of pressure in that area that extended into my rectal cavity to a burn/itch/pain higher up in my urethra, about where the shaft meets the head. This pain would get mostly better if I abstained from masturbation completely (and limited sex a little) but a little too much sex or a SINGLE round of masturbating (I've tried to be super gentle with my hand, barely touching myself, and I've even tried with a vibrator barely touching the skin).

Now it's been over 1.5 years and though I thought it was FINALLY going away in April or so, and it did for a month or more, it came back. I went on Cipro again, it started to go away, pretty much did. A couple of weeks after finishing Cipro round #6 or 7 the itch slowly began to return. Now, I am on Cipro once again but unlike previous times the pain is not going away after a day or two on it. I'm now on day 4 and it's no better at all.

Urologist no longer wants to write me pain medication (Ultram, oddly enough stronger stuff like Norco doesn't work on it) and I've got like 5 weeks until I see him again. I am 36 and overweight with a few health issues (anal fissure from Urologist trying to milk my prostate, slightly high blood pressure which I am taking medications for, and GERD) but otherwise healthy, though I have gotten kidney stones in the past.

This sucks so bad, as I have a rather high sex drive and before all of this started it was nothing for me to have sex and/or masturbate somewhere between 3-15 times in a week. I am also multi-orgasmic, able to climax several times in a session with very little refractory time. My erections are good and sex still feels great, but having to have sex a little less often on top of pretty much not ever being able to masturbate is driving me insane. I need release at absolute minimum once every other day, but honestly 2x/day is more what my body craves.

So I end up horny pretty often, going to sleep thinking about sex, and waking up with erections, but have to be really careful about my frequency.

Here are some details and other information relevant to my situation:

- Symptoms are pain/burn/itch inside urethra, usually just under glans (head) but sometimes lower near prostate. Burn/sharp sting on occasion when I urinate or ejaculate, it feels like a kidney stone passing through my urethra quickly and kinda gives me a chill up my spine. This only happens when the burn is at its worst. Urethral meatus (pee hole) also has a red inflamed look to it and is very sensitive to the touch. Also when it is burning I get the urge to urinate often and it wakes me up a lot (I already have trouble sleeping right).

- Urologist has run urine test, but never a urethral swab. I'm terrified to get one, but it seems like that would be necessary since I've read of many accounts of infections going uncured for years due to it not showing up in urine tests.

- Had cystoscope done, that plain old sucked having a camera jammed up my pee hole, but luckily they numb you. You still feel a weird sensation and it flat out HURTS when it passes your prostate, but it's really quick. Scope revealed nothing at all. No bladder scarring, no urethral strictures, or obvious fungal colonies (well, I'm guessing on the fungal thing, but I think he would have noticed that).

- We have tried Cipro and Doxycycline as well as Uramit/Uribel.

- I've had blood tests both with my GP and at the hospital, no signs of infection. Blood work all great with the exception of Vitamin D deficiency for which I now take supplements.

- Issues are worse when my rectum is bothering me (from the fissure) but are not purely caused by it. If I already have pain it gets worse when my butt hurts, but if I don't really have pain the butt pain doesn't bother it.

- I've had chest X-rays, EKGs, cranial and pelvic CT scans (with and without contrast (several of them), pelvic x-rays, urine tests, blood tests, digital rectal exams, prostate fluid exam (under microscope via prostate massage, no culture done), and more, nothing shows up.

- I already use All Free and Clear laundry detergent since my little girl has eczema. I seldom wash my penis with soap, instead using just water or sometimes wiping with a baby wipe. I also make sure to keep the glans extremely dry, going as far as dabbing tissue against it after I urinate and even checking 5-10 minutes later to make sure it is still dry.

- Urologist keeps saying "circumcision", even though I no longer have any issues with balanitis (red, irritated penis skin) like I used to have before I started keeping it religiously dry. I haven't had external problems in well over a year, keeping it dry fixed that, and even he admits that it's very likely that circumcision won't fix my problem, yet he still harps on it.

- I am currently taking Quercetin (an herb that boosts blood flow, especially to the prostate area) in a hope that more of the Cipro will penetrate my urinary tract and work, but four days in and it's not working.

- I am currently also taking D-Mannose, which is a highly concentrated form of the active ingredient in cranberry juice. It is supposed to have properties that prevent certain types of bacteria (e-coli for instance) from attaching to your bladder wall and urethra. At first I thought it was helping, as within 12 hours of starting it the symptoms got worse then suddenly got much better, but having had sex this weekend the burning has come back.

- I drink LOTS of water. Have for years. I learned my lesson with kidney stones.

- I worry that my last kidney stone (7x10mm) created scar tissue inside my urethra which is what is now hurting, but the urologist said nothing about anything like that when he did the scope.

- I also worry that taking lots of Stone Breaker (Chance Piedra) and lemon juice to break up kidney stones has somehow "burned" my urinary tract.

- I have even switched to a vegan diet in an attempt to reign in inflamation in my body. It has helped with normal aches/pains in joints and such that you start getting after 30-35 years of age, but not with this problem. I do take a daily multivitamin as well as a B12 supplement.

- I do get weird random sharp and dull pains behind my bladder, pressure behind my bladder at times (which I relate to IBS, as I definitely have at least a touch of that), and even strange shooting pains down the shaft of my penis every now and then. They're totally random, and only happen a few times in a 1-2 day period a few times a year, but still scary.

- During sex the wife and I have had my member pop out suddenly and slam against her perineum, which hurt quite a bit, but I don't think I've ever had a "broken penis" as I've never had any bruising or anything from it.

- I have ZERO discharge or anything like that. Also no blood in urine (either visible or invisible, according to several urine tests).

- Around the time my symptoms started returning this last time I was getting strange pains (like a stone was moving) in my kidneys (both of them) but a CT and xray revealed no stones. This was the same time as I was last feeling the strange bladder/penis pains and was also having (very possibly unrelated) pains in my lower right side (which is why I went to the hospital and they ran a battery of tests on me).

- Lately, last month or so, I've been getting these strange spells were I feel like I have tunnel vision, like I'm going to hyperventilate, like I'm going to have muscle tremor and/or uncoordination in my hands (but I don't, it just feels like it's GOING to happen), and will have these strange brain glitches where it's like someone cut the power for a split second. This could VERY WELL not be related to my urinary problems, as this is new, and those problems are not, but still, it's worth mentioning.

- I have considered EVERYTHING. I've considered Lyme disease, Interstitial Cystitis, urethral syndrome, urine acidity (it actually runs TOO ALKALINE fairly often, which is strange), and all kinds of other things.

- Urologist suggested last visit that it might be neurological, but neurological would not result in red/inflamed urethra that is painful to the touch. If it were just inside pain and no visible symptoms I'd possibly agree.

- I used to have private insurance, but seeing a specialist was $50/visit and tests also cost me a lot before I hit the deductible, and in the first year alone I pretty much ruined my finances with medical bills. Well, now I'm on MediCare thanks to changes in financial circumstances, so visits, medicine, and tests are (thankfully!) free of cost, but it also means that my urologist, who has done nothing but try the same cure 6-7 times without it working, is the only one I can see near me, and the other ones are over an hour away and in a city that I cannot drive in (oh yeah, I also have terrible anxiety issues).

- I am at the point where even though I doubt it will help I'm considering circumcision as I'm just desperate to get help!

Needless to say that I am willing to try just about any cure, and I even found something promising in a study that showed the effectiveness of a combination of Tinidazole and Azithromycin in curing non-specific urethritis, but I told my doctor about it and he ignored the since my GP doesn't want to treat me for this (at least he hasn't wanted to so far) and my urologist doesn't want to take my suggestions, and I can't get another doctor since I'm limited in my choices, I'm open to any/all suggestions. I will try them ALL!

I am at the point of absolute desperation and I just want to break down and cry and give up. Please, please, please tell me that someone has SOME new idea of what I can try that I haven't thus far. Thank you.

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