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hey everyone. long story here.

11/16 - had rough-ish sex without condom, which could be the start of all of this?

11/20/19 started to experience urethra discharge, was clear at first, then black for a few days, clear after that.... went for a round of STD checks.

11/22/19 blood/urine/rectal test positive for gonorrhea (in berlin), negative for everything else
11/24/19 urine only test (in france) NEGATIVE for gonorrhea, NEGATIVE for mycoplasma genitate, chylimidia, etc

both sexual partners since i was tested last have NO symptoms, both get tested for gonorrhea, negative. i (stupidly?), thinking it's a yeast infection, put canestene on and around my urethra for a few days

12/6 received shot for gonorrhea just in case back in US

12/8 discharge didn't stop, doctor prescribes docyhycline 7 days, 3 days azithromycine, get tested again with urine and blood in US, test comes up positive for mycoplasm genitalium, negative for gonorrhea, both previous partners tested for mycoplasma and gonorrhea, comes up negative for them

12/9 go to a urologist, urine test comes up negative for everything, doctor feels prostate and bladder area and says they're very sensitive to the touch, that i probably have prostatis, to stay on antibiotics

12/18 go to different urologist, urine test normal, ultrasound on bladder & prostate and everything looks normal. bladder/prostate area extremely sensitive during the hard pushing of the ultrasound and had pain for a day or two after. i declined the prostate finger exam because im a baby. urologist suggests i see an internal diseases specialist, yikes.

12/23 present day, discharge has stopped at this point, but the symptoms are slight urethra sensitivity urinating, slight pain whenever i have an erection, and the tip of my urethra (one of the side lips) looks a bit swollen. never had a fever during any of this. i looked up mycoplasm genitalium and it recommends taking moxifloaccin if docyhycline/azithromycine don't work, so i'm on day 4 out of 14 of 400mg for that (i basically had to ask an urgent care doctor specifically for the drug).

is it possible that i have urethritis/prostatis STILL after all of these antibiotics this far? should i keep taking moxifloaccin (9 more days worth) to see if it goes away?

is it possible i don't have mycoplasm genitalium at all if my previous two partners tested negative? maybe it's trauma from the sex that will heal over time? i know it's very difficult to test for the MG bacteria however.

should i see another urologist or infectious disease specialist or just sit tight?

i just desperately don't want a camera or swab in my urethra or any kind of surgery, and i'm praying the antibiotics take care of this, and wondering if i need a different kind of antibiotics

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