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I have been experiencing pain at the tip of my urethra, and on the top of my penis head, for about 2 months now. It feels more like a constant sting rather than a burning, and there is no discharge, or visible symptoms.

When I touch the top of my penis head, it is extremely sensitive, and sometimes the skin looks a little cracked, but other times it looks completely normal. It feels like a chaffing effect, but I only wear breathable cotton boxers, and have not caused any chaffing. There are no lesions or bumps, and while I keep the area clean, I do not use any soaps or irritants directly on it.

I am in a happy monogamous relationship, and have abstained from sex for a very long time (years before these symptoms began). I have completely normal urine flow, and it looks clear/yellow, and has been tested at nauseam.

I went to my doctor multiple times, and went to a urologist. This is what has been done with unsuccessful results:

Urgent Care Facility (Doctor Unavailable)
1) First urine test, to test for UTI- no leukocytes and negative
2) Second urine test, to test for gonorrhea/chlamydia- both negative
3) Diagnosed with bacterial prostatitis and put on 3 weeks of levofloxacin- no help

General Physician (2 Visits)
4) Third urine test, to microscopically test for stones- no blood or any evidence
5) Given oral anti-fungal in case of yeast infection from 3 weeks of antibiotics- test revealed no yeast infection, and oral anti-fungal did nothing

6) Fourth urine test- completely normal results
7) Gave me a prostate exam- completely normal results, but told me this could be lingering pain from chronic prostatitis

General Physician
8) Fifth urine test to check for c-reactive protein and any bacteria- both negative
9) Tested for Diabetes- negative

I have noticed the pain is usually isolated to the left side of the meatus. Urine flow is totally normal and painless, but there is a frequent urge to go. If this was a parasite or trich, would a bacteria test not pick it up? Looking forward to hearing back, and maybe even getting some resolve. Thanks in advance.

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