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UTI or ...
Mar 29, 2002
About month and half ago my now x girlfriend and i had sex without a condom, its kinda stupid but she got tested for stds like 2 months pior and came up clean, and was on the pill, but whatever about 6 or 7 days afterwords my scrotom was red , irritaded, kinda swollen and it hurt to urinite,and a little of yellowish discharge other then that no symptoms, im like now what, ghonnera, herpes or uti I panicked and im like hunting down info like mad what made it worse was i caught a viral flu that was going around work like 3 days before and alot of symptoms that come with herpes could of been masked by it, im betting its the flu not a symptom cause everyone had it that i work with. Well with no sores to test, I would have to wait for the antibodies to build for a blood test, so i decided on well, what if this is a uti, if not this wont help at all, so knowing now that cranberry juice is good for it i picked up a bottle. I drank the juice down heh like 64 oz of it and alot of water :). i did this like for 3 days and the symptoms droped off to nothing(they majorly improved the next morning) so i kept drinking alot of water the day after it was then like 7 days after having the inital symptoms. Now occasionally tho it still hurts to urinate but not all the time like if i had a sore it would hurt constantly when urinating wouldnt it? Also i get a dull pain or slight itch in my balls, but i do physical labor and i do sweat and i do alot of lifting of anything from like 20 to 150 pounds by myself. It happens tho when i intake a lot of soda, but when i drink alot of it my stomach now complains as well to me, if i drink water instead its like night and day i dont have the pain urinating, i still have the dull ache just majorly after drinking something and standing up, stitting down it doest bother me no pain, so im wondering if i didnt maybe shake the whole thing off. O back to the beggining before i got these symptoms my diet was like all soda and a sandwhich a day for like 4 days cause i was stressed and i didnt sleep like at all for 3 days maybe 10 hours. I did a no no like 2 days before symptoms i had this pipmle down there that i poped instead of letting it go away on its own, wonder if that maybe got infected. I know this doesnt replace getting tested "sigh" but its been like 2 months now 1 more to go before getting tested will b most accurate so i would like some feed back on what u guys out there think so i can maybe more perpare myself for it, im pretty prepared to say i have it so it dont crush me im a stoic/pessimist :) , but believe me i really dont want to own this. I just want to understand tho herpes, is like a epidemic millions have it and they dont include testing for free at clinics when u get birth control or a screening. U have to pay for it like 100 to 200 bucks, why dont they offer like the pockit test to people, since asymptomatic people can spread it and not know. its kinda horrible to think that the Bottom Line can wreck havoc on someones life cause they couldnt afford the test, and no one would pay it for them so they could find out. so they didnt hurt anyone unintentionally , also does anyone know of a herpes test that u can take at home in private? responses are much appriecated. and thanks for reading it all i know its long.

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