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What could it be?
Apr 24, 2002
About a month ago i posted with a Question, UTI or Std since then i went to the doc got put on a Zpak and floxin,after showing a small white blood cell count in my urine. which seemed to work then 4 days after the meds i started drinking soda again symptoms returned so i went back to see my doc, she gave me levaquin and he me go for blood work and and ultrasound on my kidneys and testicles for damage and the possiblity of testiclar cancer since im 21. If the tests come backs as normall and say this comes back what could it b. The symptoms where um burning when urinating/frequency,
slight pain in one testicle then the other normally the left, and pain in the lower back around the kidney area left side. I am wondering if i am diabetic now after speaking with my father and learning that not just him that i knew of had it he has 2 siblings with diabetes. cause of that and the symptoms seem to happen with sugar intake like soda, also i dont know if its cause my bodys adjusting to a new schedule of work but i seem to eat much more then i used to. Well i go back in 2 weeks to find the resualts of my tests i just would like some possible ideas of what might b up before i get there.
thanks in advance

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