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hello!..i feel for you and can relate to what youre going through..i too have been dealing with a urinary problem for the last 3 started out as a UTI, cleared up, came back, cleared up..i took a course of Cipro and 3 courses of Bactrim..all along still having symptoms (constant urge to urinate and lower abdominal pressure) even when no infection was primary care dr FINALLY sent me to a urologist who ordered an IVP and a cystoscopy..the IVP was normal (except small stone in left kidney, which dr said isnt causing problem)and the cystoscopy showed irritation of the bladder wall and urethra which dr said is causing my problem..dr gave me 3 Cipro pills to take after the cystoscopy but is playing a lets wait and see game with the irritation...apparently he doesnt understand just how annoying, irritating, and frustrating the feeling of having to urinate constantly is...dr told me to drink tons of water and i have to see him again mid June..however i think i'm going to give him a call within the next couple of days because i'm not sure how much longer i can go on (mentally) feeling like with my story being told, i can surey symptathize with what youre going through...have you had any tests other than urinalysis?...what are your exact symptoms?.have you ever had this before?..i've never had a UTI or any type of urinary problems other than passing a stone when i was 19--i'm now almost 35...keep me posted on how youre doing...have you found anything to help your symptoms, such as herbal remedies or OTC remedies?... :round:

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