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Hello Fellow Sufferers

I have just had what I consider to be a miracle revelation. Here is my story (briefly) and what I just discovered that has solved my problem:

I'm 36 with a long history of UTIs and many antibiotics or flushing with Cranberry Juice and water when I felt the symptoms coming on. I also seem to have a sensitivity to certain foods and beverages including coffee and Coke. I thought it was the caffeine giving me fits.

Recently my problem had gotten so bad that I could drink nothing but cranberry juice and water without running to the bathroom 20 times a day. And still I had the burning and frequent urination.

Worse yet, when an episode was coming on (which was anytime I got even slightly dehydrated) I would get this spot in my field of vision. This, I have discovered is a "Scotoma". It would appear before the symptoms of infection hit and would worsen to the point that I could not focus on anything in my central view. This is very scary. I mentioned this to my doctor the last time I got antibiotics. He was neither concerned, nor had he any suggestions.

Long story short: I researched IC and decided that one of my earlier Dr.s was probably correct in thinking I might have it. I didn't pursue it then because of the horrible sounding treatments that "may or may not have any results".

I then researched the whole body pH thing and learned of the connection between acidic urine and IC. I had read that increasing the alkalinity of urine by drinking baking soda and water might relieve the symptoms of IC. I was having two or three onsets per week before I started this. I have been drinking a shot of baking soda water a couple times a day for the last week and have experienced a complete turnaround. Not just the relief from burning. I have actually been drinking coffee again, which used to literally ruin my whole day! No symptoms.

I still drink lots of water, but I don't have to run to the bathroom every half hour like I was before. I have also lost the queasy/shaky feeling I would get from even one cup of coffee (regular or decaf.) And foods that previously bothered me are now no problem.

This makes perfect sense if you read what they say about the proper pH for the human body and what can happen if you go outside the range. I guess the acid in my urine was just corroding the walls of my bladder.

I started this regimen in the midst of an attack and the spot in front of my eyes was gone in five minutes.

I know this sounds too good to be true. But I would love to hear from anyone else who has experienced scotoma with IC symptoms, as well as anyone else who has found relief from baking soda. (I also hear that Coral Calcium is a good acid reducer).

Good Luck to All.
Hello Lochnessie & edwardstiles,

Thanks for your posts. Here are my experiences:

Cranberry Juice: I decided it was too acidic also. I stopped drinking it as soon as I started the baking soda.

Laxative effects of baking soda: I had the same experience. However, since I stopped drinking cranberry juice, I have been able to stay symptom free with only a tablespoon of baking soda every now and then. (I think the last time I took it was two days ago.) At this level, I haven't had any problems.

I'm still in shock that I can drink a cup of coffee in the morning!

So happy that someone was able to benefit from this information. Keep me posted.

How funny...this baking soda thing is one of those old wive's remedies that turned out to actually work. My husband's aunt cured a family member of a bladder infection years ago when she started her drinking it at the first signs of a day she was fine. I was a little skeptical at first until I started doing some research, and turned out his aunt knew what she was doing. You do want to be careful doing this if you have high blood pressure though. Be sure to get an ok from your doctor first.

I do have a question for RoxRox - do you use a tablespoon of baking soda, or a teaspoon? You mention both in different posts and there's a difference in size between the two.

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