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I've posted several times before..complaining of constant urge to urinate, pelvic/lower abdominal pressure, urethral spasms, minor leakage..had UTI, it cleared up..came back, cleared up..all the while still having symptoms, even when no infection was present.took 1 round of cipro and 3 rounds of Bactrim..was still having symptoms...finally sent to urologist..had an IVP done on 5/7..showed a small stone in left kidney (dr said that wouldnt be causing my symptoms)..had a cystoscopy done today 5/ revealed "minor irritation of bladder wall"..dr said this would definitely cause my symptoms..gave me 3 days of Cipro (1 pill a day for 3 days) and Usept to take as needed.symptoms should abate soon..has anyone else ever been diagnosed with minor irritation of bladder wall?..if so what were your symptoms?..course of treatment and results?..any and all replies would be greatly appreciated...i've been dealing with this for 10 weeks now..stay well..diana :)

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