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Painful Ejaculation
Oct 27, 2003
In mid-September, I started noticing a need to urinate often. My bladder would be empty, but it would still feel like I needed to go. There was like a burning and itching in my urethra after I would pee. Also, I had painful ejaculation, and burning in my urethra after ejaculation.

I went to my family doctor, and he took a urine sample, and said it was a UTI. He gave me antibiotics. I took them for a week, and the symptoms were not gone. So I called him, and he prescribed another antibiotic. I took that for 3 weeks with no relief. So I went to a Urologist. He said that I probably have a prostate infection, and I should finish out the antibiotic that I am on. He also said there was no bacteria in my urine. I'm at the end of my antibiotic perscription, and I feel worse today than I did 1 week ago.

I'm going to try the baking soda trick, but I have to wonder if this will help me. If my problem was with acidic urine, why would my ejaculation be painful?

Also, I'm wondering if I have an allergic reaction to the liquid fabric softener I've been using. Since I was a kid, I have had a slight burning when urinating after a shower (from the soap, I guess). But I've never had the painful ejaculation before.

I'm drinking a lot of water. I've quit drinking caffeine all together (which I never would have thought possible for me). I haven't drank much cranberry juice as I can't stand the taste...

Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated...


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