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I have been having different types of urine related issues for 3 months now. I got UTI 3 months ago and it went away on its own (did not see doc, treated with drinking water, cranberry juice and treated myself with yeast infection medication as I thought it was it, {i never got UTI before, may be once})

went to ER 2 week after that with pain in lower abdomen and lots of blood in the urine and they gave antibiotics.

I had similar episode a month later with pain and went to ER and this time they did CT scan and found kidney stone 4 mm in size which is located 3 cm below the right kidney in the ureter. Doc did all the urine tests like 24 hr urine test, cultures etc (no infection this time). gave pain medication and within 4-5 days it is gone.

I am getting blood in the urine with dull pain in the back and lower abdomen for the past week. I saw the doc again and they did another CT and waiting for results. Is it just the kidney stone or am I going through some thing else?

I have been drinking a lot of water than I used to and peeing all the time. I am worried as it might be something else. If it is 4mm kidney stone, it should have been out by now. I filtered for a while and I did not see anything and saw one small sand like particle a month ago. That is about it. It is no where 4 mm in size. may be 1 mm in size.

I am worried as it could be something else. what should I ask the doc to rule out? what other tests should I go through. I am worried might be something else. Does kidney stone take that long to pass

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