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I was diagnosed with urethral stenosis a couple years ago and got dilated by my urologist. Recently I saw my urologist again for more emptying problems and after having a UTI. He asked me if he could dilate me and I agreed saying ok because I hadn't had any UTI's for awhile since my first dilation. The dilation was quick and painless as I got some lidocaine jelly on the inside. Once I got dressed I went in to his office and talked with him some more. As I went into more details about my recurrent UTI's, he asked me if I ever had an ultrasound of my kidneys to which I said no. I wonder if I should have that done next time I go in. He put me on a six month prophylactic dose of antibiotic for after intercourse and told me if I had any more UTI's while on the antibiotic of after I stopped the antibiotic I was to go back to see him for another evaulation.

Can anyone tell me what is normally involved when seeing a urologist for recurrent UTI's. Since I only had a cystoscopy with dilation for stenosis, I wonder if there is anything different that is usually done for evaluating UTI's. I'm sure I won't be without another infection. Thanks.

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