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OK Here is the run around of whats been happening with me. About a month ago, after taking doses of penicillin VK for a strept throat infection in a 1 month period. The day after I took my last Pen VK pill (male yeast infection?), I noticed a burning urethra, and irritation, and almost a feeling as if the tip of my penis is cold, and the tip is sort of sore as well and a little itchy. I have been to my family doctor twice, and had a routine urinanalysis done and everything came up to be negative. I should also mention that this started before I ever had sex once in my life. Two days ago I decided to goto the STD clinic, because I am clueless what to do and this is very annoying. So I went and was tested for Chlamydia, Gonorhea, and syphilis. I should have the results back in a week, but I don't see how this could be an STD seeing as though I never had sex until after this problem started happening. I am a 17 yearold male, could it be my prostate? But isn't prostate checked in a routine urinanalysis [midstream] ? I am clueless as to what to do, this is very annoying.

If this is a male yeast infection of some sort, or something... how do I get rid of it??? If anyone has any suggestions or has had something similar, let me know please.

You don't have to say on here but if your dr. knew of the symptoms you were having I wonder what his explanation was because if he didn't know why you were having these symptoms, you may want to get another opinion. If you didn't tell him everything you should go back. I know when I wasn't better from something I just went back to the dr. for another course of treatment. Sometimes it takes more than one visit to clear things up and if other tests are negative, the dr. should be looking elsewhere for finding a cause.

I forgot to say something when you mentionend "I should also mention that this started before I ever had sex once in my life." If you plan on having any sex make sure you use protection because even yeast infection can be passed from one to another. I know of other STD's that can be passed without intercourse such as herpes. Congrats to both of you for waiting. Hmm... I know that chlamydia may cause an irritated red tip but since you haven't been sexually active you should not have any STD's. I hope you find out what's causing your symptoms. Even if the symptoms go away, it may be transmitted by sex to others and then come back. Herpes is like that where the symptoms disappear but then reappear and can still be given to others. Go get it checked out even if the STD test comes back negative. You need to find out why you are feeling this way. Good luck.

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