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for a week now i have been having a pain in my lower abdomin, and have the feeling that i have to pee all the time even right after i go. i went to the dr. and had my urine checked for a infection but it came back negative. i am waiting to make sure i dont have an std and am going tomorrow for an ultrasound. i have 2 ?'s.
1.Could these symptoms=possible pregnancy? (the last time i had sex was 4 weeks ago, and im on bc)
2.When they check your urine for infection would the pregnancy show up in the test? (because i already got that back as neg. for infection)
Thank You[/QUOTE]

They did a urine culture right? Not just look at it and tell you right away that it was negative for infection? I took a sample in and the dr. said it looked clear. However I asked him to culture it, this takes a day or two and it's sent to the lab and grown to see if anything shows up. Mine took from Thurs to Mon to get the results since they don't see them on the weekend. The culture came back positive for infection and it showed the type of bacteria and what antibiotics would help. You can get a UTI with organisms that are resistant to common antibiotics and a culture can show what type of antibiotics will work.
There is another response to a post on here that said another person had symptoms of stuff and went to the ER and her urine was not cultured but "dumped down the sink". I think it's titled Reoccuring UTI? Help and it's a response on the second page. Even if the preliminary shows up ok, it doesn't mean that there is no infection.

As far as pregnancy, to my knowledge no they do not do both at the same time. If you need a pregnancy test that's an extra test and you have to ask for it. A blood test could show that you are pregnant or a simple home pregnancy test you can buy at the store could give you some info. You mentioned ultrasound. If they are not doing an ultrasound on the uterus, to my knowledge there is no way they can tell you that you are pregnant. I had a gallbladder ultrasound once and they never looked at the other organs or said anything about them. So ask if they can do a tests for pregnancy. To my knowledge the dr. has to order it for it to be done. Good luck to you.

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