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I feel really awkward, even ashamed, to talk about this, but here goes...

For a long while now I've noticed that when I feel that I need to "go" I get a strange feeling...yes the feeling that sends the signal to my brain that says "Hey you gotta pee now!", but there's another feeling too. It tingles, and, dare I say it, feels somehow good.

I feel this awesome tingling sensation all through my lower body from my abdomen to my hips, and sometimes I simply hold it so I can still feel like that. A few times before I have unintentionally moaned out loud from the feeling O.o and ended up wetting myself very slightly.

I get a similar but less potent tingling feeling when I actually go as well. I know a few months back I had a UTI; I diagnosed myself with the help of a medical dictionary with an infection called dysuria, and after using the recommended cure of drinking tons of water I got rid of it. But with this ailment came a terrible burning sensation when I went, so bad in fact before I found the cure I drank a lot less to avoid urinating.

I've had the tingly feeling since I got rid of the UTI. Does anyone think there could be a link between the two?

I know this post was kind of disturbing - I apologize. But I'm just curious about what is causing this feeling.

Thanks in advance.

Dark Stranger - notices she has been drinking a lot more fluid
I don't know about the tingling sensation, either, but as a veteran of chronic UTI's, do not hold it or self-treat when you have symptoms of a UTI. It can move into your kidneys in a hurry and trust me, you don't want a kidney infection!
I know what you mean by the tingling sensation. I just put it down to relief of emptying the bladder.

I have just been diagnosed with a bladder infection and it's the first i've had in 37 yrs. Not sure why this has happened and none of my symptoms are text book either, just hope it is a bladder infection and not something else as my doc didn't run any tests, only went off the symptoms i gave him. I agree with the other poster, it's very dangerous to self diagnose. I've been doing a bit of my own research and UTI's can be more serious than just a mere peeing problem.

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