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I'm 19, around a yearago when i went to the bathroom, my penis got stuck to a tissue that i left there cause it was leaking some semen.

when i pulled it out, it felt like i was yanking it off like a sticker, there was a drop of blood, and a little pain when i urinated.

AND the tip of the urethral opening where the urine comes out from got cut/stretched about a millimeter, and the immediate innard part - the last part of the urethra that the urine goes thru before coming out - got pulled out to the environment, and the skin texture of the now new tip of the penis, (which really belongs in the urethra) is very delicate (it's kind of a loose and hanging tip, not a firm and fitted one) and gets stuck very easily to anything when its wet or sweat, and more so even with a tiny drop of sperm, and even when it's dry i'm a whole time thinking about it making sure it doesn't get cought & stretched by my boxers or when i sit down it shouldn't stretch the tip.

If you just look at it from 5-10 feet away you wouldn't notice anything, but if you stand within a few feet of it you could tell that the tip is a different shade (the color of that kind of skin from the inside of the urethra) and a more delicate texture. and when you look closer you could tell that the bottom part of the hole is pushed out a drop, (that was the part that was cut/stretched a little).

and when i urinate it stretches the cut, which makes the little piece look like a "spout".(don't over imagine all this, I'm just trying to explain as best as possible, please bare with me).

so basically, a whole day, everyday, i could never just sit down on chair and relax, b/c I'm always making sure that the tip of my penis doesn't get caught in hither & tither.

* do you know what kind of procedures is done for this?
* are you conscious during the procedure?
* what happens if my penis gets caught in something and it starts to bleed badly and they have patch it, up how do i urinate?

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