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[QUOTE=dreamer54]Sounds like you have a Stricture in your Urethra. Strictures are basically scar tissue which cause a narrowing in the Urethra passage. Often they are a result of an accident, constant UTI`s , or catheter use. Some doctors will dialate ( stretch) the Urethra in an attempt to correct this problem but often this will make matters worst. There are surgical methods to correct a sticture when they become more of a problem. Sometimes, a Stricture causes the person to retain urine in their bladder after they void, causing the feeling of never totally being empty.[/QUOTE]
When the doctor dialated the urethra, it never bled. So that would mean I would NOT get more scare tissue from this dialation? A couple years ago I had silver put into my bladder to try to calm these feelings down, and that time I did bleed a little (a very small amount, but when I wiped for the day after I would see a tiny bit of blood). The first time they put the silver in I got a vaginal bacterial infection, but this time I got a vaginal yeast infection. If I end up needing the surgery, how long will I have to be in this pain before they do it? I do feel a lot better now, but it is still slightly there still. I want to be able to take all of this information back to my doctor in a week if it isn't all gone. Please help me! Thanks so much to Dreamer54 and nkok nito!

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