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Hi, im a 25/F whos had what was supposedly a UTI. I dont really know now. I went to my local planned parenthood clinic(b/c i dont have anything for health insurance) and got a urine test, it showed white bloode cells and the gyno prescribed me Cipro. That may have given me a yeast infection but im not sure on that one either bc im slightly itchy sometimes , but i always was at times, and once in a while it will burn externally, not badly just a little, then it subsides. Its really odd and i dont know whether to take it seriously. Maybe its my detergent ( low brand generic type)

The Cipro made me feel awful and when i went to the ER previous to this recent UTI, they prescribed me bactrim , and then i went back with an allergic reaction , waited another 3 hours and they prescribed me macrodermin was supposed to be less potent b/c it was prescribed to pregnant women. Well, that didnt work either. Cipro did work but god was it hell and now a few months later its back if it even was a UTI i dont know! I didnt even show specific bacteria in my urine, just white blood cells and i dont even know if thats enough proof that i even have one.

UGH And after all these medicine trials, somwhere along teh line i developed a horrible stiff neck on one side and a coupel weeks later it esculated to teh other side and months later , about 2, i am now still in pain and very stiff. Is this an allergic reaction ? Can a Urologist help me with this or shodul i go see a regular doctor. I have minimal money so i dont know who to go to for any of this. All i can afford is maybe one visit to either and meds. The urologist gives a special discount to women who are referred to him by planned parenthood clinic but i dont know what to do .The gyno said i should go to him if i have recurrent UTIS, said she coudlnt help. I thought they were supposed to help with these kinds of things!

I am so beside myself and its so hard to concentrate on anything. Im scared to take any more antibiotics and how do i know if i have a full fledged yeast or other infection? Shoudl i take monistat or anything? I heard if youre not sure you have it m, that it can cause more problems if applied.

I really am just completely lost. I had sex with my boyfriend of 3 months and i know that he hasnt been with anyone for 1 yr. I trust him, i have no doubt hes not lying but is there any way he can transfer bacteria even after washing his hands or through his genitals? I thought i knew about this stuff to a T but i guess i have a lot to learn b/c i have all these symptoms and all these questions.

Anyway, I think its a UTI but i cant be sure , Im extremely fatigued and have that overall very unwell feeling liek i was before i was prescribed the Cipro that worked. And i have to pee constantly and only in sperts, yet not all the time, sometimes i will pee normally. Ive always felt like i never finished peeing before i showed signs of a UTI, practically all my teenage years. Maybe i have a overactive bladder and a UTI ? Im so scared it coudl hyave spread to other areas liek my kidney if its a UTI. Other symptoms i shodul point out in case they are red flags are very cloudy urine at times, and sometimes it doesnt even look like i peed its so clear! If anyone can help , give advice, or can relate and tell me their experience I would be greatly appreciative!
Thankyou so much in advance!

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