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I am a 21-year-old male and very, very inconsistently over the last few years I every so often experience a burning sensation when I urinate and oftentimes it will dribble for several moments after I have finished urinating. There isn't always a burning sensation associated with the dribbling, but it does happen on occasion. I have never even so much as mentioned it at any of my doctor visits because it seemed too inconsistent to to worry about and I usually simply forget. Now that I have become much more health conscious, I would really like to learn about possible causes. It seems as though it will happen for a few days and then disappear for longer periods (weeks, sometimes months). In doing some independent research online, I noticed that a lot of these symptoms were linked to the prostate. At my semi-young age is it rare that these symptoms could be linked to a prostate problem and something more like a bladder or kidney problem? Are there any other possible issues I might have (hopefully something much less serious) that these symptoms could indicate? The more I think about this, the more nerved out I get. Also, and just as a side note, I rarely drink water and usually soda. I tend to notice an influx if I am drinking more soda than usual. Could constant, chronic soda consumption contribute to this? Either way I am definitely going to drink more water.

I would appreciate any thoughts or suggestions.

Thank you,


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