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Re: Burning
Jun 16, 2006
[QUOTE=fball1]I have a super wierd problem. Male, 34 - with a burning urethra off and on for a few years. No real pain during urination unless I am really dehydrated or sometimes post ejaculation. Pain comes and goes, but is more of a bother than anything. Way worse over the summer when it is hot. What would or could cause lingering pain in the male urethra? Disease free - tested recently. I can drink lots of liquid and urinate and it does not hurt, but in a few minutes I have a slight burning in my urethra. It is a real pain in the rear.[/QUOTE]

Welcome to my world....

I think you have prostate issues.

I thought I'd caught something after 5 hours of :bouncing: :jester: but things started to tingle and I went to the GP. (Guessed I'd got a STD although I'd worn protection and only got oral down there). Well, I had Cipro Dxcy etc and things just got worse and worse... Poker Hot.

If you can remember having a major problem with it initially and itís toned down over time then you need to get it sorted.

I've had this now 12 months! I've been procrastinating as I thought I must have HSV2. I've even turned down relationships because of this. Looks like the specialist is going to get the better of me and I'm going to get a finger in my butt :rolleyes: which isn't going to be fun...

If you have redness at the urethral tip and down the head where any leakage could occur then I know where you are at. Also, if you dry the tip of the urethra each time after urination you might find that this stops the residual bacteria building up (Well thatís my theory at the moment before I finally go to the GP and then to a specialist).

I drink a lot of beer and coffee which are meant to be probs for getting prostate issues (bladder)... and given this did all arise after a 5 hour (romp) I'm a bit worried that I might have something like a fissure created by too much you know what. (I'm hetro, this is a straight line conversation).

I'll report back when I finally go through the system and see the specialist etc. I think it will be a change of diet and a 4-12 week course of antibiotics to really get into the prostate.

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