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UI guess I'm in the miniority here. I've done the whole "free-flow bag full of water into my J-tube" only to have it last for 20 mins and then it's empty. I pee and pee all day long and STILL the urine is brown--brownish brown with dark yellow tint around the brownness.

I'm also experiencing multitude of health issues and I'm wondering if some of my meds could be the contributing factors until I started having stabbing pains..oy... I'm already on damn Fentanyl patch, Lidoderm Patch AND Dilaudid, yet I'm in ****ing pain again---**** *dials doc's afterhour*

I gotta get this straightened out--this fever off/on each time I'm in pain and urine troubles (I have a hard time peeing and when I do it's brownish--pee maybe 1-2x a day).

just read your thing you might think about regards to "very dark urine"....are you drinking lots of water?? it is important to drink lots and lots of water to wash the system out..
hope things go well for you.

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