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Im suffering from pretty much exactly the same things? So you went to the doctor on the 21st. Any words of wisdom?


I went to my appointment, and pretty much what the Dr. told me was that I was probably born like this, and it took just the right infection to trigger this. He said I was in no immenate danger, but he does want to do a surgery to me to open up the tip. But there in lies the scary part to me. Not the surgery it self cause he will put me under but that i am going to have to dialate my urethra 2 times a day for a week after the surgery and at least 1 time a day for a while then after then gradully take it down to at least once a week for what he said might possibly be the rest of my life. What kind of crap is that? I dont know how old you are Nano but im only 25. That dont sound like a great thing to have to do the rest of my life. Plus you should see the instrument you have to stick in your peehole to dialate it. Its like a pen size and shape piece of plastic that goes in like 2 1/2 inches. I asked him if it hurt and he told me it was tolerable. LMAO. Sure doc. But I am going to get a second opinion here soon, im not just gonna let the first looney dr. I see cut into my penis you know. But if youd like more info on whats goin on Nano we may exchange emails and see if we can help each other out with some info, cause this is crazy!

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